we're looking to rearrange and spruce up my office; can anyone recommend a site or app that makes it easy to play with furniture arrangements and stuff? like, a grid for moving around furniture shapes or whatever?

@redoak I did this one time using graph paper and some rough cutouts of the furniture. I drew an outline of the room including indicators for the doors and windows etc. And then you can just play with the furniture layout. It worked well for us.

@cstanhope yeah, paper is probably the right answer, but i was hoping there would be an easy computer solution.

@redoak If there is, I'll be curious to hear about it. At the time, I went looking for it, didn't find it, started dinking around in sketchup, and then realized this was taking *way* too long. 😆

@redoak my recommendation is several pieces of paper. So much easier to movign thins around than any computer ui. Cardboard is even better.

@redoak I've used D&D mapping apps for that... But the paper cutouts were ultimately less effort.

@gdorn aha, that's a clever solution! i did end up printing out some dot paper, and i'm doing it by hand after all.

@redoak for me it's a 2016 version of SketchUp in a Windows 7 VM.

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