this is the first time we’ve actually seen the bears display an interest in the chickens and/or their food… not great lol

@Ethancdavenport my wife is anti-gun, the most aggressive anti-bear measure we have is i go out on the porch and throw ice cubes at them sometimes 😂

@redoak if she wants to keep them chickens, she might want to revise that stance lol

I know you got kids too though, that changes the equation pretty drastically


I've heard bears can follow a scent for three miles or more. I've also heard the best deterrent for bears is loud noises.

You don't need a gun. You need a bear whistle. Maybe even a bear horn for emergencies.

@yam655 we often chase them off the trash cans with a sheet pan and a big spoon. i think we'll be getting an airhorn next now that they're eyeing the birds.

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