STOP the damn presses! someone just left a door-hanger saying that AT&T is about to lay fiber in our neighborhood!

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we are technically in city limits but it's kind of low-density suburban out here, and i could easily throw a rock from my yard into the county, so honestly i assumed we'd only get fiber under an aggressive green new deal kind of situation haha

@kemonine it says "unlimited" but for sure i'll be checking the fine print.

@redoak good call

i have 'unlimited' on t-mobile and a couple other isp styled setups but they 'throttle' in the fine print which is frustrating

esp since video (thanks netflix for defaulting 4k on my 1080p tv that one time) eats asinine amounts of data transfer

@redoak i live three blocks from a "verizon advanced technology center" and i love my fiber very much

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