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I'm working on enabling ElasticSearch for full-text toot searchability; there will probably be some hiccups along the way. Sorry in advance! tech note 

Ok. It's "working" but it looks like maybe the indexing job didn't finish processing everything. Later today I'll be able to poke around and see what's up. tech note 

wow! the index job is still running. tech note 

the index job crapped out at some point between this toot and this morning, so, we're trying again. some stuff is available already though -- we have search! tech note 

@redoak let me know how this goes lol tech note 

@redoak ooh. full text search is exciting. good luck and thanks for doing that for us. 🙌 tech note 

@idmyn if we ever have to rebuild it from scratch we should look into tweaking the settings i suppose? Plenty of headroom on the server while it was running. tech note 

@redoak yeah, worth noting down somewhere! Maybe a gitlab issue?

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