Raspberry mustard 

My mustard seeds arrived, it's happening πŸŽ‰

I used @Pixley 's recipe toomanycooks.social/@Pixley/10

The only change was homemade raspberry cordial (fresh raspberries, sugar, vinegar) that I made back in September in place of the wine/beer/water liquid

I'll see how it's doing in a couple of days

Raspberry mustard 

It's done! I blended it up to a half smooth half chunky consistency I like, and it tastes very strongly of both raspberries and mustard

There's also a strong sharpness that is tolerable but not really to my taste, BUT I believe that will mellow over time, so I'm happy with it


Raspberry mustard 

@Louisa this sounds amazing & makes me want a cheese board

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Raspberry mustard 

@redoak I loooooove cheese boards πŸ§€

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