telling people they can set up cross-posting from twitter is bad because a lot of them wind up back using only twitter and just leave essentially a bot presence here shitting up timelines, change my mind

@redoak No arguments, and also I preemptively mute any account I find on fedi with more than one RT and no replies in the first half dozen posts.

Maybe if they don't feel like using Mastodon anymore they should tag it as a bot account, that way we'll know where to put it.

@redstarfish the trouble is that once someone is in this state they presumably don’t feel any obligation to the community they joined on this side, if it ever crosses their mind in the first place

@redoak Agreed! And it's pretty damn annoying that so much of the Federated timeline is just these crossposters and bots. I'm very glad filters exist, so I can just hide any toot with in it.

@redoak telling people they can set up cross posting from Twitter is also bad because it allows them to bring toxic habits to the new environment rather than learn new habits specific to fediverse.

@redoak telling people they can set up cross posting from Twitter is bad because that is really only attractive to techie clout farmers and we have /enough/ of those, /garg/

@redoak I really want a "social media writer" webapp that lets me put together toot-sized thoughts and choose which channel to send them to.

Ideally while also allowing me to host the canonical version of the thoughts on my own domain

(perhaps this is what @jalcine is doing with #koype)

@zee @redoak @jalcine he is. It's an #Indieweb principle. Not a specific app. You can have it too 😉

@bekopharm @redoak @jalcine

I understand that you are trying to emphasize that "this is a thing that is possible" but I have yet to see a end-user product that solves the use case.

I don't want to need to spin up a terminal or open an editor to get going, I want to tap "Get" on the app store or enter <thething>.com into my browser and away I go.

@zee @redoak @jalcine so is not to your liking? Too bad. It's either throwing money or roll your own. Owning your data comes with a price tag 😉


You have no idea how happily I pay for professionally maintained services built on open-source or libre software.

Sadly, doesn't appear to support the use case I want; which is focused on where to distribute the writing.

I regularly write something that I post to channel A, then decide I want to cross-post it to channel B.

I want more powerful tools at the seam where I'm deciding which social-media account is sending (or amplifying) the message.

@bekopharm @zee @manton tbh that'd be something at the whim of the clients, not's web interface itself

also you gotta tag @manton ;) lol

@bekopharm @redoak is one option but I think @zee is opting for something more granular. LIke as it stands, you can't post to a specific list of people in (there's a WIP idea for this in the IndieWeb tho)


Been a while since I looked at indieweb stuff, but if I'm not getting confused, this is what Known does.

@bekopharm @redoak @jalcine

@zee @redoak That's realistically in line with it. Not explicitly but can be done. I haven't worked on the code in some time though so this is a good time for me to rebalance objectives

@redoak it's actually good because some people don't have access to Twitter and this way we're not as left out.

@redoak also if people wouldn't be able to cross post, most of the people who do wouldn't be here at all. And no one is forcing you to look at their posts.

@redoak Agreed- I used to crosspost from masto back to twitter, but ultimately I decided that if you're going to have a presence on both, it's better to engage with each one directly. Fedi and Twitter are different- there's a reason most people don't crosspost their tweets to facebook, right?

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