i don't have the free time to pursue it but a thought that hasn't let me go since it popped up a couple weeks ago, is that it sounds like a much more feasible ambition to build a cooperative coworking space in my town, than to build a web dev cooperative from scratch either locally or distributed.

wouldn't be quite the same as having co-owners in my software work but it'd scratch a lot of the same itches, i'd bet

@redoak I was recently hearing about a cooperatively-owned space in , which does sound lovely...

@mattcropp @redoak There's another in the works here in I'll meet one of the organizers tomorrow as it turns out.

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp @redoak because I'd like to move someplace with a coop when I get a chance to move to Murica

@mattcropp @dtluna @Matt_Noyes @redoak

Haha, there couldn't be a more flattering compliment!

Nice being back here btw.

There is the Top 300 Coop Monitor that is updated each year, it lists the 300 biggest coops in the world.

I'm currently working on a list of all the retail cooperatives around the world - goal is to include them all in an accessible list.

@LeoSammallahti @redoak @Matt_Noyes @dtluna @mattcropp i shared this list with my mum, who is really interested in how to empower women both in the global north and south. she was really disappointed with melinda gates's new book, hey

@dirtycommo @redoak @Matt_Noyes @dtluna @mattcropp

Great! Here's 3 more :). If anyone comes across more facts that you would like me to make a similar picture about, don't hesitate to tag me.

@dtluna @Matt_Noyes @mattcropp I have seen a couple of directories and/or github pages in the past but they all seem rather incomplete, out of date, or both. But if there's a good current resource, strong chance one of the other people in this thread can point you at it.

@dtluna @redoak @mattcropp

There are many directories, some more comprehensive and up to date than others. Credit unions are easiest to find. Internationally, there are great ones. @michaelafisher probably knows a few.

@internetowners; solidaritynyc;

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