i'm interested in options for sharing more pictures of my kids with close friends and family, but like *only* with them (not also with facebook, or strangers). so far the ideas i've brainstormed are:

* password-protected directory and/or blog on one of my servers
* email
* a pixelfed instance??

am i missing anything? because none of these sound very promising 😫😫

the least exhausting option is probably a facebook group but i want to facebook less, not more! and less-facebook seems also like the responsible decision to make on behalf of the kids in question.

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@redoak I haven't tried it yet, but I've been considering a Media Goblin instance for the same use case.

@redoak If Pixelfed is overkill, how about Nextcloud/ownCloud?

If that's too heavy, too, maybe something smaller that's client-side-only like reslio Sync? It's not open source, but might work for a bare-bones solution.

@redoak Nextcloud can do this (I use Nextcloudpi, run from a Raspberry Pi). I've basically completely replaced Dropbox with it, and it has picture sharing options.

@redoak Also take a look at Lychee. It exists specifically for the purpose of sharing pictures, and you can share them publicly and privately at the same time, with options for tagging, albums, etc.

@redoak Neither Lychee or Nextcloud need to involve a 3rd party, like Facebook, etc, but there is a bit of a learning curve, though IMO, it's not bad.

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