i'm interested in options for sharing more pictures of my kids with close friends and family, but like *only* with them (not also with facebook, or strangers). so far the ideas i've brainstormed are:

* password-protected directory and/or blog on one of my servers
* email
* a pixelfed instance??

am i missing anything? because none of these sound very promising 😫😫

the least exhausting option is probably a facebook group but i want to facebook less, not more! and less-facebook seems also like the responsible decision to make on behalf of the kids in question.

@redoak I haven't tried it yet, but I've been considering a Media Goblin instance for the same use case.

@redoak If Pixelfed is overkill, how about Nextcloud/ownCloud?

If that's too heavy, too, maybe something smaller that's client-side-only like reslio Sync? It's not open source, but might work for a bare-bones solution.

@redoak Nextcloud can do this (I use Nextcloudpi, run from a Raspberry Pi). I've basically completely replaced Dropbox with it, and it has picture sharing options.

@redoak Also take a look at Lychee. It exists specifically for the purpose of sharing pictures, and you can share them publicly and privately at the same time, with options for tagging, albums, etc.

@redoak Neither Lychee or Nextcloud need to involve a 3rd party, like Facebook, etc, but there is a bit of a learning curve, though IMO, it's not bad.

@redoak You could paste images into a Word doc and email it to your friends.

Same, but I’ve settled on joining an instance, rather than hosting my own.

At this point I’m basically waiting for v1.0 with Android & iOS app support to completely drop instagram/fb usage for fam photos.

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