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(At least, I can personally say that I've enjoyed the interview)

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If you want to spend one hour (in a very pleasant in-depth interview) helping a master thesis student working on social media and privacy, @oneironaut is still looking for Fediverse users to interview.

He might be especially interested in cooperative members' perspectives.

Et pour mon nouvel aspirateur, il est hyper efficace. Et surtout je ne suis plus du tout essouflée au bout de 10 minutes à le passer.

Je suis passée à un modèle avec sac pour allergique, où on a aucun contact avec la poussière.

Mon ancien aspirateur va avoir une nouvelle famille bientôt ^^

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Aujourd'hui je suis allée chercher mon nouvel aspirateur (je vous en parle après).
Et donc j'ai pu voir la grosse folie de consommation du black friday à l'endroit d'un grand magasin où on vient retirer les trucs achetés, en 20 minutes j'ai vu : un lit, une table basse, un aspirateur, un frigo.

bref les gens achètent des trucs dont ils ont besoin...


breakfast food mention 

YouTube is the light margarine of music.

steam is discontinuing the Controller it seems, so they're fireselling them at $5 a pop.

FOSS drivers in linux already so you don't have to worry about them stopping working next month or whatever.

Boost for your friends to get in on some cool HID devices.

here's some Homelessness Myths, courtesy of The Onion: (cw: drug) 

Myth: it's expensive to house the homeless.
Fact: our prison system is quite profitable.

Myth: the homeless spend their money on drugs and alcohol.
Fact: you also do that.

Myth: the homeless are lazy and a drain on the economy.
Fact: you're thinking of billionaires.

Myth: the homeless community can help take care of each other.
Fact: if that's what helps you sleep at night.

hot take 

Real-life, schematic writing is already optimal for real-life users, to bring sense and clarity to your personal notes, and ASCII is just a transposition of the English language (syntax) to a sequential, linear way to talk to computers.

We need a public-domain standard to write this first type of notes, and send them to anyone using any way we want.

We'll need to adapt keyboards so that encircling, pointing elements to others and creating relationships, would be as smooth as possible.

("If correctly used" → your State can detect your use of the Tor browser, and can target you for this, or imprison you for this)

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"By using state-of-the-art encryption and a comprehensive security model, we aim to provide a tool which, if correctly used, will protect you even from government agencies."

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connectivity problems, work (not negative, just a hipster pitch) 

"Have you ever missed your team's weekly meeting because your VPN's kill switch was still enabled, preventing you to connect to your café's wifi network? Have you ever wondered how many dissents had been targeted because the secure, expensive piece of technology they used didn't cover their whole threat model?

The Tor browser aims to fix that."

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The Tor browser just needs a hipster video pitch

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