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It's possible to be both principled and profitable. If we consider Dead Cells, they're still delivering many free DLCs with both new contents, a smoother gameplay, and so on; because the money isn't going into luxury homes but in attractive wages and in the development of products.

Considering forking Mozilla software in a new cooperative entity would be a starting point.

Coucou, est-ce que je connais des gens qui font des bots Discord ? C'est pour une amie.
(pas pour lui faire un bot hein, juste c'est son premier projet python et elle a un objectif assez pointu)

instance block? 

FYI we're federating with boseburo.ddns.net


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Flag identification request, please boost 

I saw a flag flying over a police station and I can't find out what it means. Given its placement, I doubt it's anything good.

Its two horizontal stripes, black on top and purple on the bottom. There's a gold (I think) star in the middle.

@aral So, to get straight to the point these people are harmful to their causes but they also die in the real world.

For me, correlating stuff has always been a matter of survival.


Short autobiography:

1) Cultural dichotomy-shaping segregated environments make social reproduction easier, so children of the bourgeoisie go to prestigious schools/universities

2) Some people don't have a place in these cultural groups => because of cultural isolation, they try to help where they hope to be needed (in political struggles, including FLOSS)

3) They start imitating those who've actually read the specs, to get (from a public) the same reactions as them

Yelp is tricking people into thinking they are calling a restaurant, when in fact it redirects to Grubhub so that Yelp/Grubhub can claim a higher service feed from the restaurant.

A Designer signed off on this. I don't know the back story, maybe they put up a fight. If they did, they lost. This is an example of how tech worker unions could advocate for ethical design that gets sacrificed for shitty business practices.


@aral And we should just stop pretending that GNOME is made with non-developers in mind; just look at Google Maps: the way Google Street View tells you if there are pictures somewhere looks more like a game design hint in Animal Crossing or Ni No Kuni than like a software toggle.

Sure, GNOME looks better than Windows 10, but is that an ambition?

@aral The main issue with the FLOSS community is why distributions like Pop!_OS (or communication protocols like XMPP) are recommended in the first place.

Reasons to run Linux distributions: the Linux kernel

Decent Linux distributions for beginners: Ubuntu and Fedora

I don't really like how joinmastodon.org claim to be "the federation" either, because it means extra efforts once you're here – so it means grip.

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I don't really like how joinmastodon.org claim to solve real-life problems by comparing the Fediverse to Star Trek. No, it doesn't solve real-life problems – it can't, but we may organize here.

Someone on Hacker News said ~"the main problem with the fediverse is domain names and we need a more p2p system" and I posted a reply saying ~"as one of the main ActivityPub spec authors, not only do I agree, work is happening to bridge those worlds" news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

Of course, tech sects may be inherently political, because of their technology and of their business model.

For example, if Lavabit's FLOSS DIME made email encryption federated and transparent, ProtonMail would become both very expensive and obsolete – so they're doing their best to stay relevant. By shooting down Lavabit. Even if this means supporting the EARN IT bill.

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Boredposting is due to the lack of motivation related to real-life items and activities, e.g. the lack of conditioning to the resources in your real-life environment.

It's related to "having to use your computer to read your emails, and getting lost on YouTube"; "tech sects"; and "cultural dichotomy-shaping environments".

We can make all the software we want, it's not a technical issue: it's a political one.

A young person in a foster family has called me at 12 past midnight to wish me a happy new year. I'm not sure this wording conveys how proud I am.

Le gouvernement a produit un arrêté+décret d'application immédiate, en urgence pour noel, pour augmenter temporairement les limites de conduites des conducteurs de voyageurs à 11h/jour et 62h/semaine.

ça fait grave flipper!

Evitez absolument les cars Macron.

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