food mention, (vegan) satanic symbolism 

anti-abortion vile tweet, Make a Wish kid 

Wow what the fuck Facebook

"Do you want to see more publications? The more you add friends, the more you'll see publications, pictures, and videos in your timeline." @nitot


Linux cli, scripting 

I don't know if I wrote a sociological orgasm or plain nonsense, but it was painful to write so here's an extract (written in baguette, sorry 🇫🇷)

Note: I can probably send you the full document as an epub if you're visually impared: reply to this as a DM and make sure to include @datalevels.

Who's going to make fucked up anthropology? It's the IAB who's going to make fucked up anthropology oh yes IAB you're a good boy

mathematics, brainfuck 

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