food mention, (vegan) satanic symbolism 

>tfw Thib and Hypso perform a summoning ritual after the watermelon vegan sacrifice

anti-abortion vile tweet, Make a Wish kid 

Am I meming School of Frankfurt good?

Wow what the fuck Facebook

"Do you want to see more publications? The more you add friends, the more you'll see publications, pictures, and videos in your timeline." @nitot



It looks like I'm having a hard time so if you've got a job which allows you some extra expenses you can give me some money:


Linux cli, scripting 

Just so you know this may cause a bug in a script. (Also it's GNU/Linux)

I don't know if I wrote a sociological orgasm or plain nonsense, but it was painful to write so here's an extract (written in baguette, sorry 🇫🇷)

Note: I can probably send you the full document as an epub if you're visually impared: reply to this as a DM and make sure to include @datalevels.

Who's going to make fucked up anthropology? It's the IAB who's going to make fucked up anthropology oh yes IAB you're a good boy

mathematics, brainfuck 

I mean, I don't like mathematics because it makes me look more serious into humanities, I like mathematics because it looks like this

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