Hello, welcome to Linux, here are the apps you installed using Snap. Here are the apps you installed using Flatpak. Here are the apps you installed using apt. Here are the apps you inst- wait, where are you going… what’s wrong? WE WERE JUST GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!!

@aral The main issue with the FLOSS community is why distributions like Pop!_OS (or communication protocols like XMPP) are recommended in the first place.

Reasons to run Linux distributions: the Linux kernel

Decent Linux distributions for beginners: Ubuntu and Fedora


@aral And we should just stop pretending that GNOME is made with non-developers in mind; just look at Google Maps: the way Google Street View tells you if there are pictures somewhere looks more like a game design hint in Animal Crossing or Ni No Kuni than like a software toggle.

Sure, GNOME looks better than Windows 10, but is that an ambition?

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