Good to see any attempt at social not based on ads.


'"Obviously the ambition is not 50,000 or 500,000 but 50m and 500m," Wales stated.'

That and it being centralised makes it a bit of a non-starter for me.

Interested to see if they do any work around interoperability though.

@neil @Matt_Noyes The Fediverse is about 3 years old, so it's normal to wait to see it mature.

I'm in, and the demographics look like Reddit's, but look, there's an iOS gaming group…

If Jimmy Wales wants to tackle on Facebook and Twitter, maybe he should bring collaboration features – unless I'm missing the point?


@neil @Matt_Noyes [When I say "it's normal to wait to see the Fediverse mature", I mean to say that nothing like this has happened at this scale on the Internet. (But maybe I'm wrong?)

I'm going to sleep, bye :)]

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