Any conscious activity is storing and correlating data. It's comparing ideas you have against each other until you find a solution.

Reification is like an intellectual philosophical stone: trying to make a colour everybody's talking about with called "green" with only blue and red, doing weird shit and saying "look, I made green!". No, you made purple.

You can't understand something if you don't have the pre-required data to understand it.

Mozilla isn't a surveillance capitalist because it's not a capitalist at all.

Google banned AGPL-licensed software because they want to tie fancy frontends with surveillance backends.

Mozilla, on the other hand, made everything free software.

Mozilla aren't a surveillance capitalist because:

1) they don't control the means of production, neither do they control the means of getting things in production;

2) and they don't exerce any coercion on how resources are allocated, which is the definition of a capitalist.

Capitalism has been built so people had no other choice of following it or dying, because it would deprive them from resources.

Mozilla doesn't prevent people from going somewhere else. They do go somewhere else. To shitty browsers, in my opinion.

Firefox is very important because according to its user base it gets to decide, or not, on which standards get implemented by the w3c.

This is part of why Google Chrome was built, in my opinion.

To give a concrete example: if Firefox had 90% of browser market shares, there wouldn't be DRMs in Netflix.

Since the Electrolysis project, Firefox is private by design, secure, fast, and it has a great UI.

Do you want more privacy? Check your browser add-ons and your Twitter/Mastodon authorized apps.

Do you want a faster browser? Stop using Windows because it's kernel is a pile of garbage. Ubuntu runs the Linux kernel, so go use it:

Firefox, money 

Just keep in mind that there are abused women who rely on TAILS to find help, which relies on the Tor browser, which relies on Firefox.

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