I don't read Chinese. Think this was made by Taipei City of a civil defense drill. Having spent time in Taipei, I found it very moving. From what I understand the streets get cleared pretty quickly.

WanAn drill #45:
The Taipei you’ve never seen before


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@social_coop any suggestions for bulk txt mssg software for organizing?

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Wow, in case you missed this when it passed a few months ago...
Houston Says Businesses Must Install Surveillance Cameras and Cops Can View Footage Without a Warrant


"On the train to Laxton I was facing backward, heading south from Scotland, with the fields of England rushing away from me. I searched their dark creases and their uneven hedges for something I didn’t know how to see, something I wasn’t even certain was visible. I was trying to locate the origins of private property, a preposterous pursuit."


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@njoseph The marketing of handheld computers emphasizes that they are social interaction entertainment devices, that are also personal expressions of trendy style and social status. So, it must be "NEW, NEW, NEW!!!" 🙄

@SocialCoop found this lurking on on a dilapidated pump house and water fountain at the trail head yesterday. "these grounds" refers to Camp Midvale built by the Nature Friends a century ago. The "Friends" it turns out were a group of socialist trade union folk who pooled their resources, bought and built the camp with volunteer labor.

not the first to enjoy view:) the emerald city wasn't there 5000 yrs ago. the glacial til and Lenape were:)

@SocialCoop OZ as seen from Wyanokie High Point. tenacious Pitch Pine on right:) Wanaque Reservoir below.

@SocialCoop vernal pool along Wyanokie Crest Trail, NJ Highlands

@SocialCoop good article from The City via Naked Capitalism on the road ahead for the ALU. ...“Like I said, we’re gonna whoop Amazon’s ass. We’re gonna win this. We’re gonna win.” !!!!! nakedcapitalism.com/2022/04/th

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@cwebber Bonus bonus snark (aka, something you've said without saying it): If you put your thoughts in a text file on a web server, you don't need to install a blogging platform.

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I had to instruct an old person how to use an Android phone and it went a little like this:

"When the screen goes dark, you need to turn it back on by pressing this unmarked button on the right. Then, when the screen lights up with the clock, a background picture, and no other indication of what you should do, you need to place your finger on the screen and swipe upwards."

When did we decide that this was a good idea?? I might as well teach them how to use Vim at this point.

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