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Just came across some great sites for helping people be more secure online. The target audience is women's righs and sexual rights activists, but they are broadly useful for everyone: safesisters.net/, digitalsafetea.com/ (it's a game!), en.ftx.apc.org/shelves/ftx-saf.


Webinar discussing parity pricing for farmers. hosted by American University Center for Environment, Community and Equity and introducing the project Disparity to Parity. 1st in a series.


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REI employees are calling for a "withhold" vote in the current board election. An easy way to signal support for putting cooperation back in the cooperative. (Let's not go the way of MEC!)



watched thought provoking film, "Gather" last night. at one point there's a scene where one of the folks featured, Fred Dubray, is elected president of the Inter Tribal Bison Cooperative some time in the 90's. seems the coop is now a council. anyone familiar with what happened?


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"I'm not racist but" is like a culture war optical illusion.

One side knows you'd only say that because you're defensive about having your racism exposed.

The other side knows they only have to say that because every deviation from orthodoxy is met with fury and shaming.

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People believe we need growth because they start from the assumption of scarcity. But there is no scarcity. There is inequality.



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