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Social Coop Business - Tech Admin Ops Team Formed Show more

Social.coopers – ideas, dreams, thoughts, concerns and feedback are all wanted on the current draft of our Code of Conduct and Reporting Guidelines. All the links are in the Loomio thread:

Ever wonder who keeps the SC lights on? Who updates SC software? Who responds when something goes wrong and our beloved instance goes dark?

Tech Admin Ops Team needs you.

Nominations are now open for (2) Coordinator, (2) Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Developer, and (1-10) Project Developer positions.

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Friends, we're finally ready for you. Over some months now, I've had the pleasure of supporting co-op entrepreneur Greg Brodsky in the development of a new kind of accelerator just for co-ops. is officially open for applications for the inaugural class. If you know someone who would be interested in applying for $10,000 in cash plus mentorship, they can learn more here: is looking for volunteers for its admin ops team:

I think it will be an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other co-op members as well as learn how platform cooperatives work at a very practical level. See you there?

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I’m bored.

Let’s change the world.

Or we could just watch a show on Netflix.

Beware of any ideology or movement that demands purity or perfection.

At best they will just fail.

At worst they become totalitarian.

More likely they’ll just make things worse.

Well at least hinder things from getting better by discarding ideas, people, and contributions that may incrementally improve conditions but aren’t deemed radically pure enough.

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You’re damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

Well at least that takes you being damned out from consideration.

Put your faith in process because people are invariably biased and inconsistent.

Put your faith in people because process is never without failures and routinely go out of date.

After all, even the best processes are designed and maintained by people.

Hey all you social coopeteers!

A working CoC is finally up for member wide vote. So far only 20 members have weighed in. WHAT SAY YOU?

And for bonus points if you hate this version CONGRATULATIONS!!! you have been nominated to spearhead the next iteration.

Sign up here -

Choosing to opt out from a generally toxic and/or useless conversation can speak volumes to one's integrity more than having the last word would.

For all the potential of online connection place still matters.

If you live or have deep connections to where an abundance of resources in knowledge, funding (and most important) motivated likeminded colalborators reside you get greater access to those opportunities.

If you do not you do not. Period. No matter how many times you tweet or toot @ them.

For development in the U.S. it's NYC.

For progressive coop development in general it's Oakland.

So this is awesome. Anyone at PCC know how much (or if any) of those funds will go towards helping develop and launch specific platform coops?

Say like a cooperatively owned competitor to Google owned Youtube?

@ntnsndr @scholzt_newschooledu

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