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Pretty sure I just saw a group of Crows dropping green walnuts onto the road in front of oncoming cars and then swooping down and removing the opened goods.

Knew crows were smart but that is kind of ridiculous.

Move over Aliens or I've got my money on sentient vengeful crows as the primary method of non self inflicted humanity demise.

Nothing wrong with gamification if the players control the game.

Nothing wrong with competition if the competitors are the ones to benefit.

Then there's the scourge of Google owned .

I don’t see cooperatives as particularly cool or en vogue, they’re really quite clunky as a brand and a shit load of work in reality.

What they are though is a lifeline to millions living in poverty or struggling to make living wages or just to have a balanced healthy life.

They’re a solution that is self organizing and doesn’t require waiting around for large scale government/economic system reorganization.

This is why we can’t stop- won’t stop- until 51% of the planet goes coop.

Counter point:

Now is not the time to be cooperatively passive or passively cooperative.

Not with where the world has been.

Not with where it is heading.

Not when there is opportunity to change it.

We're really good at spreading stuff when we think people do wrong, but we rarely take the time to spread it when they admit to those faults and apologize and try to go better.

Without a process in place for voices to be truly represented and heard brute passion becomes the only tool to effect change.

When passion and patience run thin it turns to divisive rhetoric.

When that fails apathy digs in.

Meanwhile the Sun continues burning off its finite supply of hydrogen-

until one day it runs out and there is nothing left but a dark lifeless dwarf planet-

circling what’s left of the Milky Way Galaxy.

64,000 plus followers on Mastodon?!!

How does someone get to that kind of follow number in this crazy federated world?

Some days it doesn’t seem like there is more than 10,000 active users on the entire extended network.

Of course I am Hiragana illiterate so I have no idea who or what the person/bot is?

Maybe they are just a big deal.

I’m still so confused. Was this situation the result of actual code that was written and ready to go but not incorporated into the last update OR from independent demand signals from instances or users in instances for new functionality that they wanted to see but wouldn’t be creating it themselves?

If it was code and/or functionality desires is there a list of what they were?

How the hell does all of this work anyway?

Everyone wants magic.

But hardly anyone wants to pay for the infrastructure that makes magic happen.

Facebook is a uniquely horrible creature.

Birthed as Ivy League frat house wet dream.

Coddled on narcissist need to always exist (be seen/be heard).

Juiced on the frictions of rubbing together ever available ideology divides until they bleed.

All the while gorging on copious amounts of free content and data until it enveloped the world.

There is no better version of this.

Only better places to spend our time and energy.

Where hopefully we can become better people.

The impending sale of GitHub to Microsoft is another example of what happens when we fixate on IP but not equitable corporate ownership models. How *should* the repository of most free, open software projects be owned?

The kind of drama happening now (ie. devs ignoring specific requests put forth by some users) is the natural outcome of the benevolent dictatorship model and proves that, no matter how decent, good and caring a person is when starting a massive FOSS project, they are ALL bound to reach the "I make the rules" stage, because that's the nature of human beings when exposed to massive stress.

Let's stop and make a NOW!

Anyone know if there's any capacity within to set policy to auto-delete a toot after a fixed period of time?

Either at the level or the user level?

I don't really like toots living on for ever - they feel like relatively transitory thoughts at the end of the day.

Too funny. Like the best of classic clunky phishing emails circa 2001. Three different email addresses. AOL & Yahoo and one from - none of them remotely resembling a bank desperate to give you money of course. Even if that was a thing.

Fight the POWER!

Who’s the Power?

We’re the power.


Last night coop preschool parent/member orientation meeting. Some interesting observations.

Established in 1979.

3 classes. 2 Staff teachers supported by rotating parent teachers.

38 families. 38 different occasional commitment family jobs.

9 member board. Almost all women.

Super organized. Transparent.

There was an open Treasurer seat which I (foolishly) volunteered to fill.

Excited to be part of an eclectic group taking a cooperative approach to early childhood education/enrichment.

Socially Cooperative Friends!

Please read our discussion starter on equity and diversity in operations and tell us what you think. What's useful? What's not? What questions do you have? What changes can you suggest?

@clhendricksbc, @emi, @mattcropp, @Matt_Noyes, @meia, @merouan, and @rbenjamin

Toddler Parenting #3 

As part time primary caregiver to a 3 year old who spontaneously shifts between latched on the leg neediness to prison riot rebellion I keep finding new levels of patience I never knew I had.

Also I find myself screaming like a crazy person about mundane things like oranges, putting on pants, and hand washing more times than I had accounted for.

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