@clhendricksbc @emi Great thanks. The way I'm hoping to structure the engagement initially to get things going will be to minimize time commitment for those involved. Something like just a series of polls etc. You would be free to contribute as you can.

@hhardy01 @LeoSammallahti sorry have to jump. thank you both for the quality thread engagement.

You both get 2 points. :)

@hhardy01 @LeoSammallahti which is why a community would still have to have strong moderation even with these tools.

That statement would violate almost any sane CoC and would taken out of the discourse.

@hhardy01 @LeoSammallahti even when it's not (currently) been monetized as in the case of Mastodon this kind of content still tends amplified the most.

Maybe part human nature but also part a missing reward system for better discourse.

I by no means to do support legitimizing or softening hateful shit.

@hhardy01 @LeoSammallahti no not all. the internet at as a whole and most every social media out there are set up to reward engagement regardless of its form so it can monetize it.

The leeds to the most divisive and reactionary content/engagement crowding out all other forms.

The better behavior I'm referring to is simply that which doesn't intentionally/unintentionally hurt someone or just not intentionally/unintentionally being assholes to each other.

Hey @richdecibels I've got some (respectful) bones to pick about Loomio thread/poll/vote moderation options.

Who would I take that up with?

@LeoSammallahti @hhardy01 how close is this to being deployed. Seems like it really needs some real world implementation to learn from.

One thing still missing might be how does this overall reward better behavior on a community wide scale and not just individual discourse.

Also how it's paired with other types of moderation will be critical.

@LeoSammallahti read the posts. all very interesting.

There is some deep complexity to actual achieving what is intended but any improvement on online discourse as it is today is a good thing.

just a couple thoughts which I'm sure are already being explored;

Doesn't seem like one form do rating will do - why not a mix of them?

What are the ways the ratings will be gamed?

How will the rating system address dissenting and marginalized voices that may go against prevailing group thought?

@SocialCoop This great and needed. Is there a way to go back an get the metrics over the past 4 weeks as well. Would be really helpful to objectively gauge the fluctuations in engagement/health/usability.

Not sure if there is way to pull data like this form Loomio as well.

Just posted a note to the membership seeking to raise $5k in common co-op equity to fund a feasibility study of the space we're considering launching in.

😬 :TwinPines: 💰

SC business (finance) 

@elplatt put an answer on the loom thread.

At the moment individual members are expected make approved purchases and submit an reimbursement request invoice.

Except for the Teach Ops Team Coordinator who can pre-invoice up to $100 for approved purchases.

@BeechMtn @Matt_Noyes Thank you for staying engaged in some way. The loomio/governance toxicity issue is hopefully one of the first things the group will address. Both in how it functions internally and in recommendations to the members.

@mattcropp It happened not long after I read "The Shock Doctrine" By Naomi Klein.

The playbook it followed read line by line as the one she laid out for 9/11, etc.

Humans are a reactive bunch, and when unstable or afraid tend to amenable to just about anything.

@mattcropp yeah I still wonder had they let it all fail (the financial system) would we actually be better off today or at least in the process of sorting out a better system instead of what seems like a slide into global authoritarianism ahead of the even bigger collapse.

@clhendricksbc @emi no worries. It's flexible enough to be improved in its execution but hopefully specific enough to have a chance at succeeding.

Really the level of attrition with so many members to burnt or afraid to engage at this point will be its biggest obstacle.

Hoping that with a strong core it will build the momentum and trust needed to bring many who have been disengaged or never engaged forward to take part in saving this organization.

@jk I was hoping it was going to end with something like;

"after taking two or three pictures I asked them to pose facing each other and away from me.

At which point I sprinted away with their camera and hid behind a dumpster.

For the next two days I tracked and followed members of the group, taking candid photos from afar.

After, I edited, adjusted, and printed the best images before dropping the camera and a few 8x10's on the front porch of one of my subjects."

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