64,000 plus followers on Mastodon?!!

How does someone get to that kind of follow number in this crazy federated world?

Some days it doesn’t seem like there is more than 10,000 active users on the entire extended network.

Of course I am Hiragana illiterate so I have no idea who or what the person/bot is?

Maybe they are just a big deal.

Too funny. Like the best of classic clunky phishing emails circa 2001. Three different email addresses. AOL & Yahoo and one from kind.ocn.ne.jp - none of them remotely resembling a bank desperate to give you money of course. Even if that was a thing.

Keeping Social Coop happy, healthy, and in existence. 

Hey peeps.

Do you ever find yourself thinking things like;

How can we fund all the fun things members want to do with the platform?

How do we address accessibility?

How can we incentivize the tremendous volunteer work that goes into keeping the platform up and running?

What is efficiency of scale?

Well if you do (and you should) join the conversation in progress!

loomio.org/d/cIA3pK4a/looking- social.coop/media/Sc9k43AK1D-8

Hey all you Masto warriors.

Been working on a SUPER SECRET campaign to drive dissgruntled users into the welcoming arms of the Fediverse.

Would appreciate any feedback on the draft campaign outline and to know who might be down to participate.

docs.google.com/document/d/1PA social.coop/media/57wiFvtI9ix-

The Expanse is hands down the best show on TV right now.

Which is saying a lot as SyFy budgets are much leaner than other networks.

The commitment to gritty space drama with a plausible premise and realistic feeling projections of space travel/life a few hundred years from now impressive.

So is their willingness to introduce great characters and kill them off whenever it is in the best interest of the narrative.

Midway through Season 2 so no spoilers.


NUH is the letter I use to spell Nutches
Who live in small caves, known as Nitches, for hutches. These Nutches have troubles, the biggest of which is
The fact there are many more Nutches than Nitches. Each Nutch in a Nitch knows that some other Nutch would like to move into his Nitch very much. So each Nutch in a Nitch has to watch that small Nitch or Nutches who haven’t got Nitches will Snitch.



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