@rbenjamin @emi Oh oops—just saw that you already posted. My apologies for not being able to comment beforehand.

@clhendricksbc @emi no worries. It's flexible enough to be improved in its execution but hopefully specific enough to have a chance at succeeding.

Really the level of attrition with so many members to burnt or afraid to engage at this point will be its biggest obstacle.

Hoping that with a strong core it will build the momentum and trust needed to bring many who have been disengaged or never engaged forward to take part in saving this organization.

@rbenjamin @emi I’m still thinking about it. Work just got very busy and I have so many other commitments too...I am considering whether I have the time and energy. Will decide soon.


@clhendricksbc @emi Great thanks. The way I'm hoping to structure the engagement initially to get things going will be to minimize time commitment for those involved. Something like just a series of polls etc. You would be free to contribute as you can.

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