Toddler Parenting #4 

We all laughed when my 3 year launched into a 10 minute story over breakfast about a little black thing with sharp claws and many legs running from the door to under the dishwasher.

He’s obsessed with monsters and scary stuff and this just seemed like another albeit oddly specific narrative.

After the little black thing (mouse) darted out of the bathroom and almost over my foot sending me squealing back I’m rethinking my perceptions of his reliability as an eye witness.

Toddler Parenting #4 

Now it’s stuck in the bedroom and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to trap and release it as killing it won’t be an option.


Toddler Parenting #4 

3 year old has now built a barricade/mouse dam using all the movable furniture in the living room.

I believe he plans on keeping it.

It’s now call “Fred and Ted”.

Toddler Parenting #4 

@rbenjamin "mouse dam" implies a stream of mice, or even a river. good luck.

Toddler Parenting #4 

@redoak yeah there is definitely a family - 2 or more - either FT is one crafty escape artist.

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