For all the potential of online connection place still matters.

If you live or have deep connections to where an abundance of resources in knowledge, funding (and most important) motivated likeminded colalborators reside you get greater access to those opportunities.

If you do not you do not. Period. No matter how many times you tweet or toot @ them.

For development in the U.S. it's NYC.

For progressive coop development in general it's Oakland.

@rbenjamin We really need to cultivate those local connections. I'm thinking about finding people to start and host a local (coop) Mastodon instance, host our own Nextcloud, and explore local wifi networks so that we have a shared project and a focus for building infrastructure and a culture of cooperativism, and maybe create some employment.

@Matt_Noyes yes for sure. I believe you are in Denver now area correct?

A good start could be to pull together local Social Coop folks for occasional in person soft gatherings.

With Nathan and Jason Wiener (coop attorney) you actually have two of the movers and shakers in the movement in your backyard (Boulder).

The "some employment" riddle I unfortunately I not cracked. Not for lack of devotion to the movement.

@rbenjamin Right. We have a number of people in the state and the Wiener law firm is a great resource. My objective: cultivate resources in Southern Colorado -- not just Denver and Boulder -- but definitely with their collaboration and participation. I'm thinking of starting with a series of workshops, inviting people to come to town (and local talent) for sharing and discussions of approaches to organizing solidarity economy and its elements. @ntnsndr @natstein @appleseed @clayton

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