So this is awesome. Anyone at PCC know how much (or if any) of those funds will go towards helping develop and launch specific platform coops?

Say like a cooperatively owned competitor to Google owned Youtube?

@ntnsndr @scholzt_newschooledu

@rbenjamin it is aimed mainly at several labor platforms. See the recent article in Shareable.

@ntnsndr so the specific scope of the grant is critical analysis of the digital economy, open source tools and from the financing side child care, elder care, home services, and recycling only?

Still no funding to cooperative projects in the broader digital "freelancer" economy out there.


@rbenjamin the hope is that through those cases it will create open source tools that can be applied in other ways. they're just codesigning with particular communities to get things going.

@rbenjamin @scholzt_newschooledu @ntnsndr

My guess - zero directly.

The funding was specifically related to developing a toolkit, it wasn't to fund loans/investments/grants in particular projects.

For better or worse - wasn't what it's for.

@samtoland @rbenjamin @scholzt_newschooledu

Exactly. that's why we need other sources. And they're starting to arrive: Unfound,, the French and Canadian coop investment funds...

@ntnsndr @scholzt_newschooledu @samtoland going to look into those. What has been missing since the very beginning (2104) is a pool of high risk non debt-investment that can go towards early stage Platform Coop start ups that have scale potential.

Also missing is an incubator to standardize and vet Platform Coops.

Basically we need what makes Silicon Valley start-ups successful while leaving behind what has made them awful.

@samtoland @scholzt_newschooledu @ntnsndr Always thought we could accomplish a virtual fund for Platform Coop start ups through the investment club model now that the Job's act has fully came into being but yet to get that off that ground. Maybe now is the time. CC @mattcropp

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