@kev Oh, and I sent him $9 for the book, as I'm going to use it for both home and work.

@kev Good article, following by me losing an enjoyable hour reading through the practicaltypography.com/ website!

New Blog Post; May not be SFW/FOSS 

@ndegruchy@fosstodon.org LOL that sounds like me. My laziness and interia often trumps my enthusiasm and support of !

@kev I view this the same way: wait and see. It's a bit like when LogMeIn took over Lastpass. Lots of people left instantly; I waited and am happy I did.

message received (no snark) 

@mike Yes indeed, I meant no criticism of the community who do a great job. And the philosophy is spot on too.

@neil Yes, that's true. I tried WP and didn't get on with it, but may try again when I'm newly motivated.

@raretrack Fair points there, certainly some ways to go before it's turnkey. But to be fair doing it on a static site is not the easiest way to go. (I'm on a WordPress site and get most of it for little effort.)

This is me and the - as a geek but non-programmer the friction is just too high for me to stick at it. glenn.thedixons.net/giving-up-

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