As a keen mapper myself I'm pleased to see a Mastodon instance for - Mapstodon!

Going back to the #IndieWeb. One step at a time. :)

Folks, could you please post on Twitter and boost here.

" Roman's account (@romanzolotarev) has been temporary locked. Follow him on Mastodon: "


An article about cycling campaigning, but also an excellent general article about inclusivity and understanding privilege. As a 'Default Man' myself it's certainly made me think: On inclusivity in cycling, privilege and knowing when to shut up and listen
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@rysiek @Antanicus I use my own TinyTiny RSS instance, and have a bookmarklet that does that. But yeah, native support would be cool.

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I hope that in the coming years the advantages of small communities will be recognized. The Fediverse is for me like a small collection of many exciting pubs where like-minded people come together. Such places have the potential to create subcultures, create their own language, own jokes etc.
To refer to my previous mail: Communities like the RestrealitΓ€t (oldschool community for Berlin techno lovers) are exactly those subcultures I would like to see here.

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Someone tooted this link on Mastodon earlier. Really interesting read about a crime I knew nothing about How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions
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Trying Mastodon Auto Share to see if I can POSSE from WP to Mastodon. If this appears, it's working!
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@jgmac1106 Me too, been playing with since late 2014. Love it, but can drive you up the wall sometimes getting things to work :)

@jgmac1106 POSSE from WP? If so, jealous as I've not got that working ever!

@kev A really useful guide Kev, thanks. Reminds me I should POSSE more to my Mastodon and less direct tweets to T******!

A couple of people from various instances have mentioned that #Mastodon is confusing at first. So I decided to write a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Mastodon.

Hopefully this helps new users to Mastodon. Please do Boost if you feel it could be useful to others.

@dajbelshaw I have, yes. Has promise, but unfortunately I've locked myself into the Lightroom pluginverse. On my someday / maybe list to wean myself off proprietary and onto FLOSS :)

UB40’s debut album – Signing Off – was the 1st I bought with my own money (Xmas 1980). Just listened again – as fresh and radical as ever. They never reached those heights of perfection again 🎡

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