@raretrack Fair points there, certainly some ways to go before it's turnkey. But to be fair doing it on a static site is not the easiest way to go. (I'm on a WordPress site and get most of it for little effort.)

This is me and the - as a geek but non-programmer the friction is just too high for me to stick at it. glenn.thedixons.net/giving-up-

Bah, fed up with During an unprompted update / system “maintenance” all of my Start Menu shortcuts disappeared. I’ve had to create new shortcuts manually for each. which has taken ages! (Note to self: must back up the Start Menu folders in case this happens again!)

Here’s a (rather niche!) micro.blog post I wrote for my local cycling group about how to merge separate GPS-recorded rides into one: How to merge GPX tracks easily microblog.raretrack.uk/2019/01

It’s true. I can post to my micro.blog site direct from Dialog now. This should reduce the need for me to post direct to Twitter :)

I’m finding running my own Nextcloud instance is just too much friction and hassle for me. Thinking of moving back to silo cloud storage using Cryptomator for client-side encrpytion. I know it’s not but very tempted anyway. Thoughts?

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