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If you're in there's an emergency Abortion Rights rally in Centennial Olympic Park at 6PM local time tonight. See you there.

How on earth did the internet allow the .cat tld to be limited to the catalan-speaking community?


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all i’m hearing about are man-made horrors beyond comprehension. where are all the woman-made horrors?

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😫✋ a modest proposal
😏👉 an immodest porpoise

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Mastodon DMs (Direct Messages) are not stored in a end-to-end encrypted fashion so if you need to have a conversation where you need to ensure a higher level of security, please move the conversation to an actual end-to-end messaging system like Signal.

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📢 A PSA about Mastodon DM security 📢

These are the situations in users other than your DM recipient(s) can see the contents of your DM:

- one of the people in the DM reports a message in the DM, in that case, the person who reported, their local admins/moderators can see it.

If they decided to forward the report to a remote instance, the remote moderator and admins can see it.

- a malicious administrator with shell and database access can see DMs using said access.


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A sincere tip for longtime fediverse people who would like their friends to stick around here longer than a week:

If you're on Mastodon or Hometown, you can click the "bell" icon in the profile of someone you follow. This will make it so that every time they post, it will appear in your notifications like an "@". I am enabling this temporarily for friends so that I remember to interact with them. This is important for making this place feel more lively and helps people stick around!

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canpol, caps 

The most important part of Canadian identity: not being the USA.

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Listened to this re-run on the Moth podcast yesterday. Reminder that us co-op enthusiasts can be just as zealous as any other fanatics


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birdsite link, trans culture centers in the fediverse? 

One of my favorite media studies people, , posted this thread, and I suggested she check out the fediverse. What instances, hashtags, and other spaces would be best for her to connect with "-made culture" on here?



Is there a good browser? Other than cURL that is...

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New mind-controlled robotic arm exhibiting the ability to continuously track and follow a computer cursor using a noninvasive brain-computer interface.

#SocialCoop meta 

Hi, I can potentially make this happen this week.


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#Mastodon #Firefox #Addon: Simplified Federation.

Simplifies following or interacting with other users on remote Mastodon instances in the Fediverse. It skips the "Enter your Mastodon handle" popup and takes you to your own "home" instance, without entering your Mastodon handle on remote instances.


Thanks but I'm on social.coop!

Thanks for the pointer to

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