Can someone give me a tl;dr and/or eli5 for the current drama?


As best as I can tell based on seeing some conversations here and on loomio:

A user on made a bunch of shitposts, some of which were trans-exclusionary and/or fascist. The mod of that instance chose to accept deletion of toots and nominal apology as acceptable, rather than booting the user. At least one of our members requested that the instance be muted/banned, this let to the realization 1/2

that we had no coherent way to deal with this, no policy, and no way to take quick action. This has led to an enormous amount of discussion with several people delaying action on muting fascist-accepting instances based on concern for limiting 'free speech' or creating an 'echo chamber'. This has rightly led to a number of members from trans, queer, and other affected communities being right done with that shit and voting with their feet.


That's the best I can do with what I know, I could be missing parts.

@protean @frankpodmore Was action actually delayed? There was support for the proposal and no blocks, right?

Our process was nonexistent. The proposal was to enable a select committee the ability to mute based on various criteria, which was vague and part of what triggered the endless debate. That combined with the mansplaining and the infamous 'nazi is a catch-all term' toot, were an unacceptable effective delay which pointed out that the cooperative process we were using is entirely inadequate to the task of community and federation moderation.

@protean @frankpodmore Still not sure I understand. Was the problem that the implementation of the proposal was delayed or that the proposal process itself was fundamentally too slow?

The fact that we had no process for this, after a year was problematic. The proposal process was too slow to deal with an emergent situation.

@protean @frankpodmore That's a very helpful clarification. Thank you. And yes, I completely agree not having a clear process around federation from the beginning was a serious mistake.

@protean hi, very curious about what was considered trans-exclusionary or fascist? a lot of folks on that instance are old buddies of mine and the admin has a long and public history of dedicated activism. it's shocking to hear this sort of thing leveled in their direction, which isn't to say i don't believe what you're saying.

I'm wondering if i can help sort of translate your concerns to those who still need chelation-therapy for their irony poisoning lol

@protean i understand wanting to mute/ban for shitposting, but most of the folks in that instance are dedicated anti-fascist, anti-terf/swerf, anti-capitalist activists. they're slowly adjusting to the mores of this place and a lot of us are trying to facilitate a metaconversation about how to move past dunk/argue toxicity. i get wanting to avoid all of that! but folks on there would be appalled if an actual fascist or transmisic personality were successfully squatting there.

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