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I have White propaganda from the Russian Civil War hanging in my office and I just realized this makes me leftie Jordan Peterson

chad proletarian cardi vs virgin bougie minaj
And here's @iamcardib endorsing @CynthiaNixon and @JumaaneWilliams!

Hey! If after graduation, you're planning on joining the US military, fully aware of the murder and genocide it has caused in every inch of the globe, don't bother coming to a @YDSA_ meeting.

NEW YORK: Don't forget to vote in tomorrow's primaries! See the below tweet/link for the following information:

- Voter guide
- Where to vote
- Your rights + how to vote
- Voter registration

more people died in hurricane maria than in 9/11 but nobody gives a shit because we can't use it to justify imperialism

This is just fucking horrendous. Shame on all the “journalists” from to that have engaged in this relentless smear campaign against Salazar. Do these people have even an ounce of shame left! Outing a sexual assault survivor for political gain is goddamn evil

When you've lost the debate on campus and with the next generation of American leaders, you try to prevent it from happening through fear, intimidation and government action. It reeks of desperation.

New Yorkers deserve better than “the lowest form of politics.” I’m joining in calling on to rescind their Cuomo endorsement. Sign here:

L'shana Tova! You've been visited by Rosh Hashanah gecko, retweet for a prosperous year!

A current Tesla employee:

“For a brief period of time, when the movement was gaining traction, pro-union employees were given promotions to lessen their demands. It did not work, so they moved to removing pro-union employees.”

Good boss, bad boss...

L'Shana Tova to all my Jewish friends. May your new year be sweetened by our joint commitment to justice and liberation. May this year be the one that we achieve freedom in the land of Palestine.

Shanah Tovah, Jews.

In 5779, let’s give ourselves permission to love ourselves and our people as we push our communities to be better.

Accountability doesn’t have to look like shame or rejection. It actually requires love. I love us. I love us in all our complexities.


l’shana tova tikateyvu <3 may 5779 be filled with liberation, more BDS wins, and lots of apples n honey 🍯

grendel grendel
yes mama
eating danes?
no mama
telling lies?
no mama
open your mouth
then his heart laughed
evil aglæca, he intended to to take the life
from each body, eat them all
before day came. the gluttonous thought
of a full-bellied feast was hot upon him

My parents are in Switzerland and are struggling with the language barrier.

how do you pronounce 'uwu'
rt for "oowoo"
like for "aawaa"

i’m trying to prove a point

to rely on one specific person to make you happy will not only stress the them out badly, but potentially ruin the relationship you have with them.

this ain’t healthy. it’s not wrong to find happiness in others, but you need to learn how to find happiness on your own, too.

Continuous thread to English-language media on the racism in Germany and right-wing extremism before and following . Context to why non-white Germans have been aware of how deeply the neonazi scene is embedded in German society way before last week's resurgence:

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