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damn @nyujvp@twitter.com thicc this year

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Four Palestinians got killed by Israeli fire so far, while taking part in the peaceful and popular protest.

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You know who supported IDC candidates besides real estate, Wall St & charter schools?

The PBA/biggest NYPD union spent 6 figures to help IDC members keep their jobs.

NYers beat the IDC & PBA.

Lesson for Dems: Stop being so scared of police unions, spine up for our people.

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BREAKING: @SalazarSenate18@twitter.com has just defeated Martin Dilan in the primary!

Julia is poised to be the first socialist senator in NY in nearly a century.

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It’s official.

@SalazarSenate18@twitter.com is heading to Albany.

chad proletarian cardi vs virgin bougie minaj
And here's @iamcardib endorsing @CynthiaNixon and @JumaaneWilliams!

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L'shana Tova! You've been visited by Rosh Hashanah gecko, retweet for a prosperous year!

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l’shana tova tikateyvu <3 may 5779 be filled with liberation, more BDS wins, and lots of apples n honey 🍯

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My parents are in Switzerland and are struggling with the language barrier.

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tonight i met someone who designed and 3d printed a juul holder. we out here in 2018 meanwhile she in 3018

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In light of recent mishegas, and as part of our New Years celebrations, we’re proud to unveil our brand new Official Certificate of Jewishness.

Print out, self-certify, and always remember: Fuck Tablet!

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Map of countries where McCain had called for US military intervention

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NOW: crowd of 100+ is outside the Suffolk County Jail near Boston's North Station protesting prison conditions. About two dozen police and sheriffs deputies are in the general area

On the left is Alex Lawther who played James in "The End of the F**king World," on the right is Alex Sharp who played Enn in "How to Talk to Girls at Parties." Both are brits named Alex, both played angsty emo teen boys and both are essentially doppelgangers 🤔

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I saw this on Facebook about NYU and food insecurity, and I want to clarify some things about this program, having needed to use it in the past. (get ready for a rant)

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ATTN: @jack@twitter.com, this is the proper way to run a social media platform.

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the UNC meme page is on fire right now

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