Had to pass by a pro US intervention in Iran group and a bunch of white hare krishnas in the park. Just another day in this hell city

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Wild that Nixon sucked up 400k in small dollar donations when that’s literally 1% of her personal wealth

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damn @nyujvp@twitter.com thicc this year

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When billionaires give their money to charity, it is just more of the same. They decide, like a dictator, what thousands of people spent their time doing. They decide what we work on.

They never do the real charitable thing – give their money up to be controlled democratically.

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Nearly 2,000 volunteers with @nycDSA@twitter.com knocked doors over 100,000 times, talking to over 10,000 voters about housing, healthcare and hope. Thats how you build a movement @SalazarSenate18

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An education by the few is run like an economy by the few.

Only can stop capitalists from shaping our schools.

Read our College for All guide to learn about what an education by the few looks like and what we can do to fight it: goo.gl/vNXTtJ twitter.com/guardian/status/10

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I hope our pro-electoral DSA folks are doing some self-reflection on the losses (and wins!) yesterday. Clearly, our endorsement did not 'make or break' Nixon's campaign. Her performance in Brooklyn was abysmal. Why is that? I truly hope you're having these discussions!

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Four Palestinians got killed by Israeli fire so far, while taking part in the peaceful and popular protest.

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You know who supported IDC candidates besides real estate, Wall St & charter schools?

The PBA/biggest NYPD union spent 6 figures to help IDC members keep their jobs.

NYers beat the IDC & PBA.

Lesson for Dems: Stop being so scared of police unions, spine up for our people.

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SEVEN state Senators were ousted in NY's Dem primaries tonight.

6 were part of the IDC, a breakaway group that allied with the GOP. The 7th lost to a DSA member.

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Everybody who doesn’t do electoral organizing: your work still matters even though media doesn’t care! We’re the scaffolding that supports those folks winning elected office. It’s all a part of a larger whole❤️🍞🌹

Shana tovah to everyone except people who tried to gatekeep Salazar's Jewish identity

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BREAKING: @SalazarSenate18@twitter.com has just defeated Martin Dilan in the primary!

Julia is poised to be the first socialist senator in NY in nearly a century.

Very proud to have to canvassed for @SalazarSenate18@twitter.com and done my (small) part for this campaign. Together we elected a rad and unapologetic socialist, BDS-supporting, latinx Jew despite a determined and libelous smear campaign and an uphill battle against real-estate interests

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It’s official.

@SalazarSenate18@twitter.com is heading to Albany.

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I am so amazingly happy that @SalazarSenate18@twitter.com is full on kicking ass in all of this. All the crap she got while running and she is crushing the zionist right and the landlord class. Just beautiful! Take that @tabletmag @jdforward @DailyCaller !! You fucking lost!

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Hmmm... wonder why @MassStatePolice@twitter.com has bookmarks for the social media pages of Massachusetts anti-police-brutality & leftist organizations. We’re sure it has nothing to do with the long history of police surveillance and repression. twitter.com/massstatepolice/st

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*Real New Yorker voice* Eyyyy, I’m havin my freakin vote suppressed as a result of byzantine rules designed to keep the machine in power heeahhh

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