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Hey all, I am looking for a co-op work group, is it a thing around here?

social media life cycle

1. i wish i had more followers
2. i wish i had more followers
3. i wish i had more followers

me, pretending to understand the non english/german posts on my tl:


1. If at all possible, do not use the computer

Hahaha we're so fucked, wildfires in Germany, is this a metaphor Show more

If you are working for a firm in another country and if they pay you according to your country's salary range, how is that when I am doing the same as the people in the other country my firm is located in?

Fam, I love y'all. And you know who you are.

All of you.

org first - code later, has through the day evolved to:
community over code, and i think it's a good tagline to start from.

#ForkOffTogether We Got This :blobheart:

How long do you guys normally stay in contract with a company? :O

The employer did mention that it was a contract, it was just me in a hurry since this was my first job...

I have been working for a company for 6 months now under the impression that I was an employee, only to realise that I am under contract all these months 😭

Github is now a fully owned, proprietary tool of Microsoft.

It's time to decide.

Do we as a community allow our future to depend upon commercial interests of a company that to this day spreads FUD and minimizes our impact when it suits their plans?

Or do we step up, do what we do best and take our code to somewhere created by the us for us and the good of the community?

This isn't about hating Microsoft. It's about loving our own sovereignty and controlling our *own* future.

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