Holy moly!! This is ROBLOX?!!! Heck ya!!!!!!!

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MORGUE - Multiple angle takedowns, 1887 shotgun.

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Middle class? Not really. If your household earns more than ₹85k per month, then you are in the top 0.5% of India. futureiq.substack.com/p/miscon

Work Won’t Love You Back: How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone

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Real wages declined for the rank and file in the nineteen-seventies, as did the percentage of Americans who belong to unions, which may be a related development.


This is such a great repository!! I often find it difficult to understand whats going on when reading through code bases, these small things mean a lot!!

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I love this variable naming convention guide by @kettanaito@twitter.com: github.com/kettanaito/naming-c

It's simple and clear. Give this a star ✨

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Does anyone here use Nest.js? If yes, how do you like it? Is the complexity involved a necessity in your use case? Have you explored other alternatives (Django, Laravel)? How are they different / same?

I published a small blog post after a long time!!! Do let me know how it is 🥰


Github CLI is one of the best tools I've discovered... why didn't they do it before!!!!


Well that ended well! The @eleven_ty@twitter.com blog came out really well!! Next up need to add some pagination, blogpost template, some code highlighting and some custom mdx pages 😍😍😍😍

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Going live in a few mins!! (yes unusual timing) will be working on a blog on making a personal website /w @eleven_ty@twitter.com !! twitch.tv/buoyantair

(part of freeCodeCamp's personal website project!)

"How the Economic machine works" By Ray Dalio.... One of the best explanations I have seen so far!!!


Hell yeah!!

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I hope the remaining 40% take a hard look at prettier. Next year hopefully it's closer to 90% :) twitter.com/Vjeux/status/13493

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Join me for a late night @CodinGame@twitter.com clash of code On @Twitch@twitter.com !! twitch.tv/buoyantair


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It’s official now. US-based EV giant Tesla Inc has registered with the Registrar of Companies in Bengaluru as ‘Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited’ on January 8, 2021.
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