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4 more days to go!🤞

Our heart-felt gratitude to our venue partner @thoughtworksIN@twitter.com & @prasadmudedla@twitter.com for providing the venue & the facilities for this Meetup.


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It's settled then.

Those who eat Poha,
should go to Bangladesh.

Those who eat Biryani,
should go to Pakistan.

Those who eat noodles,
should go to China.

But please first lets just send the Dhokla-Fafda eaters back to Gujarat.

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Last week in Sweden.

- 4 shootings in Stockholm.
- 4 bombings.
- 20 cars set on fire in Gävle.
- 23 rapes every day on average.
- Stabbings.
- Robberies.

I think there should be bigger media coverage of this.

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Whoo pretty excited for this. Hyderabad NEEDs a hackerspace!

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We are soon going to launch a dedicated physical space for the developers in Hyderabad, where you can come down to make new friends who share the same interests as you and engage in peer-learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration with them. What should we call this space?

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@DearthOfSid@twitter.com Noam Chomsky or Slavoj Zizek

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A few years ago I made a 90s-style hit counter. It's a real thing: a React component customizable via props!

I don't think anyone actually tried to use it, which is a shame because I want this part of the internet to come back 😬


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another beautiful map of the scuttleverse (from one person's perspective)

*each dot is an account, the colours are the ages, and the links between them are follows. I'm somewhere in the red density

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Ok folks, I know this doesn't look like much, but I am Very Excited about it 😍
I think I've really got a shot at making a local-first data management solution that Just Works

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R1D74 more redux, learning more about updating state. Everything going well so far. This weekend is when I test out everything I learned so far and make something to add to my portfolio

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Gitlab doesn’t pay people what they deserve, or even try to compensate for cost-of living. They pay people the lowest they can get away with.

Also please note: directors and executives are *not* subject to this calculator 🙄 twitter.com/folletto/status/12

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[POLL] Dear Twitter, help me and my fiancé pick a new last name 😅

Him: Kazenoff
Me: Kravets

Additional choice: Write In (leave a tweet response)

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Did someone say ephemeral P2P chat using hyperswarm that works in CLIs and the browser?!

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Breaking News from Kerala

Around 2000 people from Kasaragode & around have received notices from police to report & explain why they were present in the vicinity of anti-CAA protest in M'lore.

Notices sent to SIM card owners. Surveillance state in full swing.

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For posterity. I’ve since heard from a lot of friends that R* has changed policies and responded in a positive way towards the news story exposes from last year. So, fingers crossed towards better working conditions for game industry folks. 🤞

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Performance is a digital inclusion issue. If you're only building for users on the newest devices, with the newest browser, with high levels of digital literacy, you're neglecting a huge portion of the population. 2k20 let's provide organizational support for web performance.

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