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In case you're one among the hordes of people interested in what a stable identifier for a place resource looks like inside a real, live record for a book in an academic library, here's an example provided by ISAW+NYU's Gabriel McKee: field 651 7).

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Tip for new Mastodon users:
1. Do a search for a hashtag (try #introductions or #mastoart)
2. Pin it as a column
3. Filter that same hashtag out of your Home column so you don't see its toots twice

It's my intent that, once the Heidelberg organizers finish the final report on the workshop (anticipated sometime in April), I intend to blog about this.

Grateful to the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften and the Epigraphic Database Heidelberg for organizing and hosting the workshop!

Just finished with three days of congenial, collaborative discussion in Heidelberg about the future of open digital publication methods, systems, and collections for ancient inscribed materials (in Greek, Latin, and associated languages and scripts). Next meeting tentatively set for Zadar, Croatia in September 2018.

: Rosenberg, Eli, Mark Berman, and Matt Zapotosky. “‘Who Did This and Why?’: Austin Remains Tense after Deadly Bombings as Police Look for Answers.” Washington Post, March 14, 2018, sec. Post Nation.

: Huang, Luling. “Working Around Some Limitations in OpenRefine.” Temple University Digital Scholarship Center (blog), March 6, 2018.

Hello ! I'm looking for someone who knows this 90s-vintage CDROM, its background, and the documents themselves (and their archival location) well:

Nieves Sánchez, María. Textos y concordancias electrónics de documentos castellanos de Alfonso X. Electronic Texts on CD-Rom Series 7. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1999.

Whether you're a or you stayed at a Medieval Inn Express last night, if you can help: I'll be grateful!

Not much to look at yet, but with two hours' productive coding this morning I have a start on code for the next-generation RefBot:

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Henceforth, if you're a historian or #history buff here on Mastodon, please use the hashtag #historodons. Thank @distelfliege for coming up with it!

apparently hyphens are not valid characters in and are treated as delimiters equal to spaces

: jefferson. “Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Awards Grant to the Internet Archive for Long Tail Journal Preservation | Internet Archive Blogs.” Internet Archive Blogs (blog), March 5, 2018.

So irritating that standard(?) Wordpress installations don't provide full name of authors on posts. E.g.

Apparently you've got to issue an obnoxious, grumpy toot and then emails you ... ;)

Meanwhile, says "Ok, We've sent an email to {my_email_address} with a link to instantly log in."

"Instantly" evidently means "5 minutes and counting."

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Two things I could really use here:

1. A way to keep a list of hashtags (I can’t remember all the ones I like to revisit frequently)
2. A way to group people I follow by interest (so I don’t miss anything when I’m in the right mood for something)

Maybe there’s already a way to do these things but I haven’t figured it out yet?

Maybe they are kind of the same thing?