sometimes there's an "ellipsis" button over the local timeline column, but even when not I can sometimes find content in home that's newer and if I refresh the whole page it shows up in local too.

"home" and "notifications" timelines seem to take care of themselves

So I find that with 2.5 on FF (latest) under OSX that I have to manually refresh the window to get the local timeline to update.

Fellow members: there is a Loomio vote that is closing in 4 hours on whether to temporarily halt new memberhips on this instance.

So I guess the recent upgrade blew away per-column filters in the web app, eh?

Today I the latest news from the Attic Online project. We get a list of new translations and photos posted, as well as info about newly linked images of epigraphic squeezes!

ArchaeoAnimals is live! Its my new #zooarchaeology #podcast from the Archaeology Podcast Network. We'll be dropping new episodes every first Tuesday of the month and covering all things zooarchaeology - from ancient farm animals to weird dog skulls!

Check out our newest episodes now: #podernfamily

In addition to the , the also passed.

The RG have serious gaps and problems (see discussion on Matrix and Loomio) -- they were intended to be filled out by the CWG. So their approval should probably be taken as approval of a kind of general orientation: "let's have conflict resolution and a reporting system for abuse" instead of a procedure.

It would be great to fix them quickly and propose a new version for approval.

There is a new version of the Code of Conduct in the works. I think we (whoever wants to help edit) should get this done and out to the membership asap -- it makes edits that came up in the voting process and important changes that are likely to be accepted quickly, since they reflect concerns that are widely shared. Social.Coop_Code_of_Conduct_V3.1 Rejuvenation Committee Discussion Show more

I love that basically all my profs this semester sent links to free copies of the required books in our syllabus

Any recommendations for sources on the desmoterion, or incarceration in Periclean Athens more generally?

Update: I have added a pad for editing/rewriting the Reporting Guidelines for the next version. This can be used by people who are eager to revise the version on which we are currently voting, so we can update it quickly

As per a suggestion in the comments, while the Code of Conduct and Reporting Guidelines Rc1 is being voted on, I have started a new CoC version to incorporate suggestions made by people as they voted and in discussion on Loomio. a) if you know of other suggestions that need to be integrated, please add them. b) If you have further suggestions, please see the document and feel free to help edit. These things don't write themselves! ;-)

FWIW the latest release of LibreOffice starts up and shuts down much faster than whatever previous version I was running.

Are we allowed to post conference calls for papers and such on here? New community, new norms! Hey, speaking of digital norms, if you're into #archaeology/ #digiarch / #dh (digital humanities) and willing to attend #SAA2019 April conference in New Mexico, this digital ethical dilemmas forum is worth applying to. Deadline is middle of next week!

5:00am is apparently the time, if you're my younger dog, to go on a BAAAAALLLLOOOOOOOOOing spree.

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