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On Masto if you block someone and they move, you have to block them again. In this way the concept of federated instances can provide cover to all kinds of bad actors.

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@redoak don't forget private cars — just being out in the world as humans in public often leads to human interactions and all the interpersonal communication practice that comes with it.

Private cars and building our infrastructure around them has been fundamentally anti-social. We are cars going by each other and by houses and schools etc. with much more limited and less-incidental human interactions.

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lol what an oopsie, i said people had trouble making connections "for whatever reason" when what i really meant was that modern capitalism has atomized, isolated, and exhausted us so efficiently that most of us don't remember what living in community looks like or never had a chance to learn. gosh, silly me!

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El Libertario (VE): **Declaración anarquista contra el cambio climatico**

"Bloque Anarquista Contra el Cambio Climático (Madrid) El cambio climático es producto de la sociedad industrial nacida, hace dos siglos, en Europa e impuesta violentamente al resto del mundo. Han sido dos siglos de envenenamiento continuado mediante nocivi…"


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I untangled the internal contradictions inherent in this blunt while listening to a Ryo Fukui album

As one of the few returning co-opers from last school year around a few new co-opers, today was the day I was the one to take out the compost for the first time in months.


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