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Here's a shameless plug for Open Web Systems, where we provide surveillance-free hosted email and Nextcloud, powered by renewable energy... openweb.systems/ if you're still using Gmail you might want to think about how much data they're gathering about you...>> openweb.systems/2021/11/16/if-

@ofnusa @Matt_Noyes - thanks for chasing! the Forum is the right place - but I think we need the Tech circle to advise on this one... I will chase them now

@Matt_Noyes Connecting Open Web Systems to Meet.coop (with SSO) is one of the next plans... as are mutli-user accounts... it may take a while, but the more people that sign up and request things like this the faster we will be able to deliver them :)

@dazinism @mike_hales @bhaugen getting back onto the original Q in this thread I wonder if CASM might have light to shed on the "algorithms for positive purposes" type idea... demos.co.uk/research-area/casm ?

@mike_hales @lynnfoster @mayel @bhaugen HI All - sorry, i've been offline for a while. Laura was just saying she's not a fan of Linked Open Data since she recognises how hard it can be to get everyone to agree on formats and protocols and knows (from experience) how it fails when data is inaccurate or incomplete - most of the DigLife maps have been built by hand - akaik

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And for those who will be in London on the night before OPEN 2018 Bernie has kindly arranged this too! There's going to be LOTS of quality time :) attending.io/events/opencoop

@mayel @neil @Stacco @Wtebbens @richdecibels @matslats @ntnsndr
haha - that place looks cool - we will have some space at the Square Pig in red lion square from 5pm onwards... ;)

@LeoSammallahti great work! i think you would need specific feeds for each author - but in our case I wrote nearly all articles so it should not be a prob open.coop/blog/feed/

OPEN 2018 conference, will focus on 3 themes:

The showcase will present examples from functioning platform co-ops

The Collaborative & Peer to Peer tech sessions will feature presentations on alternative digital currencies, open source tools and technology and the development of the new platforms and protocols

Discussions on the changing narrative will explore the co-op vision and the evolving politics and philosophy of a world of abundance


First toot(!) here - very excited to be part of the and to be organising 2018.open.coop/ in about and all things and I already see a few familiar faces :)


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