This should be an amazing time. Its quick and easy to apply and the crowd will be awesome (especially if you come). I mean, if open source and agriculture and food and stuff are your bag. Deadline is today(ish) to apply.

@Matt_Noyes that book has my favorite Fukuoka quote! “When it is understood that one loses joy and happiness in the attempt to possess them, the essence of natural farming will be realized. The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Thanks to all that came out to the strategy session yesterday!

Wonderful energy, lots of opportunities and just a great excuse to start a Saturday morning with cooperative minded folk!

Notes from the session can be found here:

Feel free to ask questions about anything you'd be more curious to hear about!

@Matt_Noyes haha to be fair, the Canadians like imperial measures too! 😉

The devs at Open Food Network lent a helping hand to us backward US people by adding imperial measures to the group buy option, so now we can split orders easily via the platform -- very exciting, since I can't use 50lbs of blue corn flour... Thanks to Laurie Wayne for helping make this happen!!


"For a better future, we need to put technology back in its place & favor democratically determined, diverse forms of development shaped by human and ecological priorities – not by the gimmicky fetishes of a handful of billionaires." via @localfutures_

Thank you @Matt_Noyes! We really appreciate your support and confidence! 🙏

Very happy to see people starting to donate to Open Food Network USA via Open Collective!




23/Anyone blindly promoting cryptocurrencies without understanding the full background of “sound money,” gold, race science, and white supremacy is unwittingly advancing an agenda they don’t comprehend. Pretending it isn’t there won’t make it go away.


@Zee Thank you that is a fantastic explanation and I appreciate you taking the time to 'splain it! I am looking forward to some time in the future when we are using it for OFN !🙏

@Zee sorry I missed your talk! OFN's back end is based on Spree (you might know OFN from when it actually *was* Spree). Two of our biggest opportunities are integrating non-evil payment gateways so they integrate with reporting/accounting, and being able to schlep money between countries so we can help each other out without being beset by pickpockets. I would love to see a second-grade-level primer on your work if you have a pointer to something like that.

@CaitlinWaddick Nice! Some people say that with alliums you can have weeds or onions/garlic, but not both. I dunno, I've eaten enough wild garlic to doubt that, and of course the holy grail is to encourage a healthy enough ecosystem that the "weeds" are not only medicine, they are also complementary tastes! Of course, pretty much everybody loves to be pampered, amiright? I am not a pamperer either. 😉

@mlncn this is so on point. I hope they write back to you or I hope that at least one person really reads it! <3

I played every instrument in the Music Room. I rang this bell!

Great talk on the [[four noble truths]] by [[joseph goldstein]]. If you are interested in Buddhism, consider giving it a try!

@ntnsndr @jgaehring @Jeff_Piestrak @ofnusa @mike_hales @michaelafisher @CaitlinWaddick

Maybe the best thing would be to have another Social.Coop strategy discussion and include our relation to Meet.Coop and to OpenCollective as topics?

Dog update 

Banner day for the pup. She found a deer foreleg on the morning walk, brought it home and has been gnawing away at it.

@cwebber shockingly, I tried to sneak it on to Bookface and it magically got deleted in about a nanosecond. What was I thinking?? I do like this one: "We’re already developing exciting new technologies that will help us watch people as they connect and explore whatever outrages them."

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