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I can only assume that this knock-off lego toy is a friendship symbol in the guise of a weapon of war. I detect at least 4 unique US and Chinese planes embedded in it.

New in @WIRED, reminiscing on @BuyThisPlatform with @daspitzberg and showcasing @exittocommunity progress:

You—Yes, You!—Would Be a Better Owner for Twitter Than Elon Musk

My kids' public college fund is in @Vanguard_Group. That is why I am supporting @eqat's campaign to demand no more investment in climate catastrophe. Maybe you should join us:

I love unions and am a member of one. But just a thought experiment: if unions were not a thing (they are dangerously close to that), what would be the best way to achieve worker rights in the present economy?

New paper in the great journal Internet Policy Review @policyr!

"Governable spaces: a feminist agenda for platform policy"

It is an attempt to rethink the frame for online governance: from the reigning paternalism to bottom-up governability.

New paper draft out, feedback very welcome:

"Is Democracy Sacred?
Case Studies in Political Imagination"

It explores two very different life-worlds:
* transformative justice activists & the "defund" demand
* crypto BUIDLers & the cult of Moloch


A new version of Zotero is out! Looks amazing. Glory be to open source software made by mission-based nonprofit.

It may be slow, but it is true.

Zotero 6 -

Games are laboratories of social and political futures.

Politics is gaming, gaming is politics.

Support open source governance tool making for games and our collective future!

Is there a decent guide to Mastodon scraping/scripting? I need it for grading purposes.

@johnkuti Thanks for your advance payment to the co-op, given the sanctions situation. I'll be thinking of you. Please let us know how we can use our network and community to build more bridges across these violent borders.

An IPO is an @exittocommunity, too, just to the wrong community.

We already know how to handle ownership by lots of stakeholders. The problem is all they have in common as a community is wanting more money.

Curious to see how long I can handle having no window bars.

Glad to see @fileneresearch starting to explore crypto with @quinndupont:

Struck, though that the conversation focuses so much on competitiveness and risk, not on how CUs can bring their democratic legacy into this stuff.

For instance...

Probably neither here nor there, but at least in a technical sense, this is your reminder that SWIFT is a cooperative.

Gov. @JaredPolis cheers on @VitalikButerin backstage at . Make your best meme.

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