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What experience in your life has made you think that real democracy is possible (or N/A)?

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REI employees are calling for a "withhold" vote in the current board election. An easy way to signal support for putting cooperation back in the cooperative. (Let's not go the way of MEC!)

Now is a great time to fall for @KGNU radio. Eclipse is on.

Entering the morning with a general feeling of appreciation for the tireless work of @meganrosedickey. So much gratitude for it all.

The brilliant @lanalana on GameStop and why she wouldn't go back in time to buy more bitcoins

Super excited to see that @compost magazine's first issue is out!

Dispatches from the digital commons!

And they're here on!

So glad to see this profile of a great Black cooperator in @americamag by Elias Crim @solidarityhall!

Father Albert McKnight: the Catholic combination of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

So glad to see @dobrien_coop of @NCBACLUSA highlighting why we need to deepen the commitment to inclusion and equity and more on co-op principles and practice.

Glorious talk by @arcalinea on alt-social networks at today's Metagovernance Seminar:

A reminder that today March 3rd at 9pm ET/March 4th at 02:00 UTC we will be hosting a discussion of "Cecosesola: Towards a Collective Mind"

You can find the document here:

or a pdf version here:

Join us in our meeting room:

neat co-op software job alert 

a worker cooperative with a neat tech stack is looking for a full-stack dev with experience in Postgres and TypeScript. they run campaign tools Dems/progressives/unions/etc.

Important call for experimentation from @democracypolicy:

Alternative Voting Methods | Democracy Policy Network -

I love how obsessed my daughter is with the gorgeous picture of Silvia Federici in the NYT Mag

Anyone have archives or governance documents from The River, a cooperative online conference service?

@Matt_Noyes I work with Drupal way too much. I thought for a moment that you had turned into a webpage.

That advice about the dysfunctional steering committee is excellent! :D

Social.Coop Tech Working Group meeting today 

It's time again for a meeting! 7:30 UTC / 2:30 EST today.

agenda here:

meeting jitsi link in that doc.

if you're interested in working on something, have a specific question or need, or are just curious about what keeps the server running, please join us!

🚨 This week I interviewed Ruth Carlow, Artistic Director at Furtherfield (@furtherfield on Twitter). We spoke about how art has evolved with the rise of the internet, Furtherfield’s recent artistic experiments with blockchain, and Ruth’s thoughts on NFTs.

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