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I'm encouraged to see efforts that inscribe permanent "purpose" into orgs (benefit corps, steward ownership, perpetual trusts), but I worry about a tendency of social entrepreneurs to extend that to themselves. A person cannot and should not be reduced to a mission statement.

One nice way to approximate @kevinroose's phone detox:

Stick with as much free/libre/open software ad you can. Use FDroid instead of the Play Store. It clears away the addiction-ware and delivers tons of boring, useful, community-made stuff.

I wonder if there's anything that we can do to spur Twidere development. Sounds like the developer is overtaxed. And it's the best app that allows seamless Twitter > fediverse transition

Confirming a wire transfer from my Credit Union to an escrow account. They call me up to ask some questions to verify:

Them: "When did you open your account?"
Me: "When was Occupy again?"

FTR: They had a huge number of new accounts during that time.

SF Fire Credit Union is great.

Anyone want to help build the wiki?

@edsu, any ideas?

Yeah except you don't get to read Agatha Christie if you have to hold a bottle.

NYTimes: Sometimes, Parenting Is Boring -

Really good book so far. Thank you @maggiehagerman.

I am completely addicted to this.

A zillion amazing reasons why Linux is a whole nother way of life.

They're devising some kind of gamification engine for users to get involved in moderation work, with rewards, etc., etc. Creating a market for it. I wonder what kind of approach would seem attractive for us.

But one thing we agreed on is the potential for community moderation to really change the game. When you can't just blame some Jack up there somewhere for stuff you don't like, but you can have a role in changing it, there's potential for users to be more tolerant, sophisticated, and engaged. There is recourse, rather than arbitrariness.

One pattern: I'm not sure about this, but we may be meeting in the middle on content moderation. They started totally anti-censorship, and they've moved toward establishing guardrails. We started with a strong focus on safe spaces but realized it can be really hard to come to agreement on what that means. Maybe birdsite Jack is in a pretty tough spot after all...

I had an interesting convo with ppl from the team yesterday at . Was interesting to encounter the right-libertarian counterpart to our motivations for starting this.

Buy your copy of Ted Nelson's "Computer Lib/Dream Machines" while you can.

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