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Today in the quiet co-op consensus: David Brooks talking up worker ownership for the gig economy.

So I guess this means now we're going to find practical, bipartisan, compromise solutions to all of our problems, right?

Don't miss this video on LGC Security, a Black-owned company growing fast thanks in part to being a vendor for @cpaCoop, a mission-driven DC-area purchasing group:

Our own @ntnsndr and my friend Dan Hobbs, co-op farmer and developer for the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

Theme: Emerging Models for Cooperative Food Systems


Cooperatives Europe is circulating a call for proposals (€26,000) for a "knowledge base" platform on co-op development. Any takers?

The Ubuntu release cycle is starting to feel like a liturgical calendar for me. Here we go, back into the desert of non-LTS.

Does anyone else have this problem of Snap apps never really working? Any idea why?

(Xubuntu 19.04)

Would be a good community for people to test out new experimental projects? Like a blockchain basic income?

Loved this interview @ntnsndr! Shared it with our small followers.

"Let's become artists of ownership, and get creative about what ownership can mean"... YES!

Fantastic article on NYC union housing co-ops in @inthesetimes: A major omission I've been feeling in is the lack of sufficient attention to land and housing.

Thanks @pospigos for sharing @tonysheng's recommendation to stop saying "decentralization:" Maybe, but I'm not sure.

a) the term is much older than @ethereum and is used in various contexts already.

b) Satoshi used it in the earliest public statements on BTC

One more off the bucket list: earlier today, I was on @cspan @booktv! Already got an email from a viewer in Iowa.


*learn about facilitation tools for complex group challenges*
*co-create an activist support network*
*build momentum for global grassroots democracy*

Application for San Francisco/Oakland Incubator, October 26-28 is open until end of this week!

Join the pioneers for this first event in the US, who bring incredible ressources and networks already.


im here to make besties 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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