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Would be a good community for people to test out new experimental projects? Like a blockchain basic income?

Loved this interview @ntnsndr! Shared it with our small followers.

"Let's become artists of ownership, and get creative about what ownership can mean"... YES!

Fantastic article on NYC union housing co-ops in @inthesetimes: A major omission I've been feeling in is the lack of sufficient attention to land and housing.

Thanks @pospigos for sharing @tonysheng's recommendation to stop saying "decentralization:" Maybe, but I'm not sure.

a) the term is much older than @ethereum and is used in various contexts already.

b) Satoshi used it in the earliest public statements on BTC

One more off the bucket list: earlier today, I was on @cspan @booktv! Already got an email from a viewer in Iowa.


*learn about facilitation tools for complex group challenges*
*co-create an activist support network*
*build momentum for global grassroots democracy*

Application for San Francisco/Oakland Incubator, October 26-28 is open until end of this week!

Join the pioneers for this first event in the US, who bring incredible ressources and networks already.


im here to make besties 🤗🤗🤗🤗

@ntnsndr s article "Populism Of Hope"* is my favorite article of all time.

The concept of "democratic countereconomy of mutual self-help" articulated something that really hit me hard.

Been reading about the refugee crisis, and one of the proven solutions is for the rich countries to give reduced tariffs for imports from special economic areas that employ refugees near crisis areas.

It's removing obstacles for mutually beneficial relationship than asymmetric "aid".


Darn. Using an old LInksys with DD-WRT as a repeater didn't really help bring wireless juice upstairs. Just another weak signal.

This is interesting: Materials toward inscribing co-op processes in code through RChain. Exciting and scary.

But, as one of the drafters of the bylaws and the fantasizers of original structure, I've been reveling in the subjectivity of the cursed lumpen cooperators—those who just enjoy and do their part, but for whom the joy is in the product more than the process. I just hope that those who are in process-land, whom I dearly appreciate, remember the magnificence of our nonsense.

All the tendencies are beautiful, in their way. I love that some people want to be careful and conservative and respect everyone present with every move. I love that some people want to set up the means of trying something radically different. We want to lose neither our mutual respect nor our sense of play—we need both if this experiment means anything.

I love Loomio as a platform, but I can't help but notice the different kinds of selves we are there compared to here. Serious as opposed to... whatever we are. I wonder if it would be of use to infuse more of this culture into how we build our organization. Maybe I'm missing some jewels in the Loomio and in the calls, and if I'm wrong about this impression, I'd be glad to be.

I've stepped back from governance, in the hope it will free others to do what they decide is best. And, frankly, because I find the Masto-chat to be more pleasurable and creative and surprising.

Thread: My heart is heavy in Loomio lately. On the one hand, as one of the early members of , I love how this community has taken a life of its own. On the other, I am sorry to see the feelings of oppression and frustration people express there.

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