I'm so proud that the person who taught me to love reading and writing is lending her voice to ensure sustainable funding for libraries.

Today's @dailycamera: dailycamera.com/2022/08/11/let @welovebplibrary

I'm really interested in this announcement from @laterpress, a creator publishing platform planning to bake in strong creator governance without formal equity sharing: laterpress.com/blog/announcing

Can shared governance be meaningful in a for-profit corp w/o shared ownership?

Eeee! I just got my copy of , the new book on art-DAO-ness from Ruth Catlow @furtherfield and @pennny_rafferty, so full of friends and friend-crushes.

Get it: torquetorque.net/publications/

It really astonishes me sometimes what capitalism pays people to do while others are sleeping under bridges.

@jonny and cancel entire line! Something I'm glad we at least still have in Emacs.

Another week of heartbreaking letters to the Celsius bankruptcy judge. This is only a subset of the excerpts I'm posting to blog.mollywhite.net/celsius-le


How many cooperative Mastodon instances are there? Cooperative meaning democratically owned, governed, managed, moderated. Is there a list somewhere? Is social.coop the only one? Please boost.

¿Cuántas instancias de Mastodon cooperativas hay? ¿Cuáles son?


Combien d'instances Mastodon coopératives existent-ils? Lesquelles?

How much inconvenience is it worth to block the barrage of trackers a phone is constantly pinging?

Coming soon: I'll be doing an event on employee ownership, co-ops, and crypto with @rmeocenter and my favorite DAO lawyers!

I've been working on a newsletter about ideas for building a just and sustainable world. It's called Notes for a Living World.

Check out this week's post about Cooperative Home Care Associates, the largest worker co-op in the US. livingworld.substack.com/p/car

Huge props to our church cantor for slipping in an unannounced "Finlandia Hymn" before "God Bless America."

The more widespread the perception becomes about how the USA is deeply troubled, the more meaningful it feels to celebrate it.

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