@cadey Well, I couldn't quite keep up with the steps, but I was so grateful to see this. Thank you!

Platform co-ops for India! Don't miss it tomorrow at 10am ET. Namya Mahajan will join us for a community hangout. Register for our live Zoom call here and bring your comments and questions! tinyurl.com/namyaplatformcoops

This is the first time I've seen a "Share on Mastodon" button on a blog, so I did.

Well worth it. An operating system called TempleOS. And: "This is outsider art." ... "I want to use this blogpost series to break the genius down and separate it out from the insanity, bit by bit."



I just started a thread in the Loomio on whether and how we might assist in the evolution underway on the platformcoop-discuss email list: loomio.org/d/ZH1Fdte4/teaming-

Some morning joy for you: opera in a @coopitalia grocery store. youtube.com/watch?v=tLI3NyzwXr

Bonus: Louis Kelso's daughter sent me this.

@Matt_Noyes Gene was also a good enough student of Gandhi to know that economic alternatives were critical.

@Matt_Noyes I think that's accurate. But he did certainly find himself in neoliberal times and opportunities. His major benefactor, Peter Ackerman, is neoliberal through and through. I think Gene had a more expansive view of democracy, but it was convenient to focus on political liberation more than economic liberation.

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Everyone on should be sure to read Alyssa Rosenzweig's fantastic essay on "The Federation Fallacy": rosenzweig.io/blog/the-federat

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@richdecibels image, story, mystery, silence, power, solidarity, communion, the democracy of the dead. Relationship, really.

cryptocurrency is an elision of "crypt o' currency" and actually refers to an underworld temple since lost to time. bitcoin miners work tirelessly to unearth the ruins.

@ben_hr there are fewer journal articles worth reading and the ideas expect book length attention (whether or not they deserve it)

@tbeckett a natural way to finally monetize the fame accrued promoting co-ops. Tho it kinda looks like a cross between me and Spitzberg.

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