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Nathan Schneider


This is a member-run instance, not one where all-powerful admins decide what to block on a whim.

Volunteers have been working on figuring out the instance's CoC and moderation processes for months. I suggest you join the community WG if you want to find out more or join in:

The work in progress is at:

WE Collective, the social news , is looking really good. check it out:

Nice work, @LeoSammallahti!

Any good academic livestreamers writing papers on twitch?

I cant believe people actually read and write emails with ads on the screen.

Seltzer is to soft drinks as zero is to numbers

@nwgh looking forward to tech/theology discussions!

So I guess first off, thanks to for existing. I'm a pretty firm believer that the current model of "every site is a fiefdom" only scales well if we have lots of small fiefdoms, instead of a few large fiefdom (Facebook, Twitter, Google). Even then, modelling everything as individually run fiefdoms sucks. I'm glad that within the network of fiefdoms, someone's trying "democracy".

@Matt_Noyes Again, we're totally up for it—whether on the book or otherwise. If ever you're doing a co-op related event down there, we can promote it through our meetup group and email list. It's a community platform!

@Antanicus @mayel @mattcropp OMG that's great. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the killer app is going to be a game.

@shaunbartone @richdecibels yeah this thing is already taking a gig on my computer and still doesn't work.

@richdecibels yay looking forward. I tried twice yesterday and my computer crashed twice before it became usable.

@richdecibels Oh wait, now it detected it. Like on the 4th try. Interesting..

@richdecibels I just downloaded the latest Patchwork and it's not picking up my info from .ssb/secret. It created a new blank account, looks like. How do I get it to notice that I already have an identity on the system?

@harris I don't know about iOS stuff, but others will. Welcome back! I've found great, and you can always follow folks on other instances from your home-base here. The instance decision is most based on what you trust.

Scuttlebutt/Patchwork has been loading for like 10 minutes. Come on. I'll take modest centralization, thank you.

@smith_ai Thanks. Faircoin was definitely on my mind. To be honest, though, I've been a bit lost on the progress. The session at was pretty short on details. And lately when I've gone to the website it doesn't load. stuff Show more