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Nathan Schneider

@blakehaswell especially when our basic needs and those of our families are met and we're not full of anxiety about what will happen if someone gets sick.

@uranther @h also be sure to check out the listings at (UK) and (North America).

Ooh ooh @loriemerson raspberry pis as COBOL running mainframes! Mainframe on the Macbook -

sightings at Heathrow: a flashy ad about what Microsoft is doing for the (consumer owned) Co-op grocery stores, and some kids doing a web search for (worker owned) John Lewis Partnership. Probly more I didn't notice.

@iona you have to admit those are pretty newsworthy.

Okay, I think I've settled on a setup that I like for now:

* xfce/xubuntu
* basic theme: Plano
* window theme: Uranus Unity
* Icon theme: Paper
* font: Open Sans 11

But now KDE Plasma is sounding kinda cool...

@mayel @h Oooh great—which piece of Bookchin's is this from?

Favorite readings on the meaning or purpose of decentralization?

All the flexibility with infinite themes, etc., in Linux is rad in theory, but I always end up sticking with the default one.

Well, Xubuntu is still exhibiting an interesting set of glitches, which I'm working on, but gone are the daily crashes (usually on Google and FB services) that I had with Ubuntu/GNOME.

@Matt_Noyes of course! I've heard of him, but would love to connect.

The fact that my screen life revolves almost Thunderbird, Firefox, and a full-screen terminal means that changing Linux desktop environments is mostly unnoticeable.

@Steve really, you got it to work? Well? The github page scared me off.