Looking forward to this -- what will @ntnsndr and Jessica Gordon-Nembhard choose to read?

"A global celebration of the the Reflections of Fr. José María Arizmendiarrieta, founder of the Mondragon Cooperatives, in a new translation"

The lead translator is @Steve

Thursday, April 22


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Alan MacLeod of FAIR shows how popular proposals like universal healthcare, a $15/hr minimum wage, and taxing the rich are presented as "divisive," "contentious," and "polarizing" despite the fact that polls from the same polsters they rely on for elections shows these things are popular, even among Republicans. fair.org/home/divisive-how-cor

@ZaneSelvans I have had good experiences with them (as conversation partners, not work deals). But it is def more crypto culture than solidarity economy culture.

@ZaneSelvans Shhh whatever it takes to get people to make co-ops:)

But seriously, I can imagine potential scaling advantages, as well as governance possibilities. We could certainly ask them if you like on birdsite. I remember when it was just a crypto project, not yet a co-op. That's progress!

So @caseynewton says Substack poaching local journalists is "the exact right way to spend venture capital." This is true only if one has fully inculcated the mission of VC to centralize and eradicate all local control.

We need local institutions.

What's the best podcast where prominent people engage in formal, structured debates on the issues of the day?

"We’re coming out of this era where platforms own people, and moving into this era where people own platforms" says @hamishmckensie of @substack. Great, let's talk about how to make your platform user owned with @exittocommunity! nytimes.com/2021/04/11/busines

@be @clayton @colombene but another reason to deepen the engagement with Ethical Source is precisely the source of the issues with Stallman: not just economic concerns, but also a refusal to see justice as extending beyond just maximal personal freedom, toward shared values.

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@clayton @be @colombene I'm very interested in this. I think it would be valuable to crystalize the idea in some clearer statements of commitment.

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@clayton @be @colombene I guess it does express support for Ethical Source's values, if not methods. that's good enough for me.

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@clayton @be @colombene this is an interesting proposal. I'm a bit concerned about the extension of "cooperative" beyond the co-op movement per se, but it's not clear to me if this does that. I also encourage this effort to consider solidarity with Ethical Source rather than opposition.

@theblockchainsocialist the only problem is once you take that VC money you're also under their control.

This has been the plan of so many actual startups, and look where it has gotten them.

Today is Apostolic Cooperativism Day in the global Catholic church. Let us rejoice and be glad for all those who ensure that the needs of everyone are met. bible.usccb.org/daily-bible-re

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@mike_hales @Matt_Noyes I love this idea. Lookup has Google translate embedded I believe. And some Masto clients allow it as well. I would love to create an intentional multilingual focus.

That article was inspired by @ntnsndr "Populism of Hope Begins When People Feel Their Own Power". It caused one of the biggest AHA! moments of my life.


Had been a member of the social democratic party since I was 16, and was obsessed with explaining its decline.

That piece made me realise that it wasn't about leaders or the election manifesto policies - it was about how we do organising.
Working on a longer, better written article that delves into this in more detail.

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