This has been a big month for the passing of shared ownership pioneers. / John C. Bogle, Founder of Financial Giant Vanguard, Is Dead at 89

@liw @Greg I gave up on it. Markdown Mode is enough for me.

@Matt_Noyes So glad to hear this! Sorry I suck at meetings, but I'd like to help, if there's something discrete I can do.

@Matt_Noyes @cs @appleseed @natstein I'm not surprised, I have to say. Same thing is happening in Denver. Porting the natural-foods grocery co-op model to food deserts strikes me as unlikely. If grocery stores could make money there, corporate ones would. Those conditions, I suspect, require a different kind of model (like a buying club or something similarly low-overhead).

@matslats I don't work on software, I focus more on business models and financing. But see the @platformcoop consortium's development kit, led by Trebor.

@daviding @Matt_Noyes you can solve both relative cleanly with Cloudron (email server and app management) + NextCloud (calendars, contacts, files). Works fine across several devices. Even easier with a $25/year membership.

The Cooperative Man -- a new documentary about José Maria Arizmendiarrieta, the organizer of the Mondragón cooperative experience.

The Ethical Tech Giving Guide put out by the Free Software Foundation has some good recommendations

@Matt_Noyes @tbeckett @clayton @cooler_ranch Yep. Same with Elevations.

It was pulling teeth to get even one credit union leader to take the time to attend the Colorado Shared Ownership Summit. I'd say join the closest one to you and run for the board and take it over.

I love the respect for students as network agents in this talk by @erinroseglass -- there is so much here.

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