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@Steve I totally share your concern. I was all in for May First maximalism but got pretty clear signals about their priorities. I would see this not as competition but complementarity. I would certainly continue hosting with MF regardless (and paying double my dues in appreciation).

@Steve I have been nudging them on this for years. They do amazing work, but the resources are very limited and personal cloud services are not their primary focus, so there's little capacity

@Steve And I mean not just Nextcloud apps, but others such as what Cloudron currently offers:

@Matt_Noyes i'd rather not start with Mastodon but focus on other things that doesn't do.

@Matt_Noyes is the Disrupt package just NextCloud? Seems like it

@aaron understandable. But I fear ppl often assume no union is better than a flawed one. The economic outcomes for workers suggest otherwise. Yes unions should be more dynamic and accountable. But by and large they are better than the alternative.

@aaron That's one narrative of the challenge. Another is that in order to counter one kind of centralized power, it's useful for workers to have a form of centralized power in their court.

@Steve we could start with NextCloud but be more flexible than MayFirst in adding other apps. MF is focused on its primary hosting role and isn't able to be as responsive with cloud services.

@wu_lee @tbeckett More or less. I'd want to experiment with some different approaches based on the experience. We need more experiments!

Please tell me the fancy House clean elections bill includes banning presidential campaigning until at least a year before the election.

I love Free Software today. Had ongoing awesome discussions with devs at 2 projects I rely on (Cloudron and FairEmail). Amazing support and a few changes merged to master. Try that with your gmail.

Ugh I'm sorta wanting to revive the idea—a cloud services co-op. What would make this worthwhile to you?

For those of you looking for a better FLOSS email client on Android, I've been warming up to FairEmail (I call it Fairymail) over ol' K9. The syncing is much better, the prefs are clearer, etc. The UI is a bit eccentric, but it grows on you. And new updates are coming like every day at this point, which is always fun.

@bhaugen yeah I try to remind myself of that too. Thank you.

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