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Nathan Schneider

No decentralization without diversity.

Fred Turner, speaking tonight at CU, has electric co-op propaganda on one of his first slides. (The "problem" he means is mass media, not the co-ops.)

Vint Cerf apparently once said, "power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely."

This is the champagne a bunch of people are about to drink after talking about employee owned beer.

Hey look it's @mattcropp talking about employee ownership at the Rutgers !

Neoliberal subjects beware: Takao Kato has found that individual incentive pay is far less effective than, and can reduce the gains from, group incentive pay.

This was an insert that came with my latest State Farm car insurance cards. A few notes…

Reading about The WELL in _Social Media Archaeology and Poetics_ and wondering about its relationship to what we're doing here.