Just another friendly market signal about how capitalism would like us to drop dead.

Yet another case of Big Tech pretending to be accountable. But what if there actually were real citizen assemblies governing our tools?

Ooh just got proofs of the beautiful zine! I can't wait to get this into your hands. Join us for the release event next week: ntnsndr.in/e2c

So excited to have @BiellaColeman and David Bowie speaking to us tonight in Boulder with @MEDLabBoulder @CUBoulderCMCI

Go @savvy_coop! @jhoronjeff talks about how they negotiate with pharma companies to ensure their studies respect patient rights.

Amazing to see@Fairbnb_coop take flight, with a 400k euro loan from a cooperative bank. I remember just a few years ago chatting with Damiano about this in a Bologna co-op cafeteria. There is no beauty quite like cooperative perseverance.

Here's the model behind @driversseatcoop, one of the teams that went through the @start_coop accelerator - data sovereignty for drivers.

"We are working class people," begins the team behind the Barcelona bike delivery Mensakas. To build a humanizing alternative to capitalism feels like "fighting the future."

I've got mine - thanks, @NewEconomics. Just requires a big bumper!

Ooh super interesting: @JSEntsminger at on the evolution of organizational species.

"We need to become 100% political" says Felipe Duarte of @daostack at . Oh, and there is no such thing as full decentralization, autonomy, or automation.

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