So excited to have @BiellaColeman and David Bowie speaking to us tonight in Boulder with @MEDLabBoulder @CUBoulderCMCI

Go @savvy_coop! @jhoronjeff talks about how they negotiate with pharma companies to ensure their studies respect patient rights.

Amazing to see@Fairbnb_coop take flight, with a 400k euro loan from a cooperative bank. I remember just a few years ago chatting with Damiano about this in a Bologna co-op cafeteria. There is no beauty quite like cooperative perseverance.

Here's the model behind @driversseatcoop, one of the teams that went through the @start_coop accelerator - data sovereignty for drivers.

"We are working class people," begins the team behind the Barcelona bike delivery Mensakas. To build a humanizing alternative to capitalism feels like "fighting the future."

I've got mine - thanks, @NewEconomics. Just requires a big bumper!

Ooh super interesting: @JSEntsminger at on the evolution of organizational species.

"We need to become 100% political" says Felipe Duarte of @daostack at . Oh, and there is no such thing as full decentralization, autonomy, or automation.

Bringing the gospel of feminist economics to the @dgovearth node at the , @staccop2p talks DisCOs and carework.

I love it when lines like this make it into the newspaper. Thank you, Sister Helen.

At the @slowfood festival in Denver, a panel on "The Radical Power Shift of Cooperatives"!

The first Denver @radicalxchange meetup starting now! (The blue foot is one of our local electeds.)

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