@Greg @lindner @ntnsndr has a sandstorm doc (can't find it) for a starter.coop idea.

I like the idea of open publishing of structures, and forking just like git.

@samtoland @Greg @lindner I would put it differently. We need a economy for git(hub/lab/etc)

@ntnsndr @Greg @samtoland why not both?

Nice to see the start.coop proposal. In some ways it reminds me of the Apache Incubator.

And as a newcomer to the Coop scene I'm happy that I'm independently reaching some of the same conclusions that the veterans here have.

One suggestion I can make as a newcomer: highlight how the product addresses the pains/gains for Communities. Demonstrate how and why the Coop structure is best for the skeptics.

@lindner @Greg @samtoland also, here's an easy version of co-op git: git.coop

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