friends: On 9/16 I'm doing a talk for, which we're a member of—I'll be discussing the limits and even "tyranny" of open source—and why co-ops like ours are so important.

All are welcome—join us:

@ntnsndr Offer a parallel economy or collaborate on system change?

What if the hegemony will always try to kill a parallel economy that it perceives as competition?

@ntnsndr I'm asking, because I've been there in 1980, then it was called "dual economy." Even then there were very strict rules about "market distortion." The people who worked there were not getting rich, but they were happy, mostly because of the social contacts. At some point the subsidy stopped and then it was over.

@gert not sure I understand the question entirely, but I guess I would say parallel economy toward system change.

@ntnsndr this sounds wonderful! Clarification, though: will this be on 9/16 it 9/26? I see 9/16 here but 9/26 in the forum?

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