Here's a question for the hive mind: What are we?

Helping to start initially was my first experiment in what I was calling "virtual co-ops" ( internet-first co-ops not requiring legal incorporation.

Now, I'm starting experiment #2, this time with a worker co-op, also hosted on Open Collective.

What are we? Does it need a name?

* Virtual Co-op?
* Hosted Co-op?
* Fiat DAO?

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@bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @anaulin @michaelafisher @beckett oh, the name is for the general model, not for this specific coop.

The specific coop is E2C Collective, with a mission to make propaganda.

@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett What's your goal with giving it a name?

It seems like you're emphasizing the "doesn't need a legal structure" part in your description, which might be relevant in a particular taxonomy (personally the legal bits are the parts that interest me the least about and other coops).

@anaulin @Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett Yeah. Agreed on legal structure. Thanks for this!

The main idea for me is to create frameworks so that it's as easy to create a co-op online as it is to start a FB group or whatever. So that co-op can be the default mode of online community. Bypassing legal structure is just a means to that end.

@ntnsndr @anaulin @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett

Have to wonder what co-op means if it's as easy to create as a Facebook group?

@Matt_Noyes @anaulin @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett Obviously creating a worthwhile coop is as hard as always, just as creating a vibrant online community of any kind is hard. The difference is that, rather than the default for those communities being oligarchy, it would be democracy.

This might mean less upfront study and more experimentation, but there would still be lots of learning in the process of building.

@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett So is it in essence a "democratic community" or "cooperative online community" or something along those lines?

@bhaugen @anaulin @Matt_Noyes @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett COC? :) I like the gist but feels like a mouthful!

Co-op Collective?

Thanks all, sorry to bother you with my word choice anxieties!

@anaulin @ntnsndr @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett

I wonder if commons is more the idea than co-op; that is, you want people to use the resource (platform, site, whatever) as a commons, without making assumptions about how or if users will participate in governance, admin, etc. @mike_hales

Commons as the root construct gets my vote over democracy, every time. Commoning is revolution and making and bricolage, not just debate. Self-aware, visible governance & admin (aka care work) are basic for a (modern) commons to be viable? And the perfoming of the mobilising of the commons is not a free-for all, is under governance, skilful, full of thought.
Way beyond a usual (individualist) reading of democracy?
@anaulin @ntnsndr @bhaugen @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett

I just don't feel that 'democratic' is a sound framing, even though it has a popular rhetoric and a history. Kinda 19th century, behind the times, pre-Freudian, etc etc.

Seems to me that 'a commons' (actually, a stack of commons, or a commons-of-commons) is so much bigger and more radical and a more materialist/productionist/constructivist principle. Socialism and cooperation for the pluriversal 21st century.
@Matt_Noyes @anaulin @ntnsndr @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett

Also, how would a food commons woek? I can imagine a permaculture commons or maybe a solawi but some parts of provisioning the community leave several questions to be answered.

I am interested in the answers and am thinking about how to analyze all the flows in a regional agroecology food system in some detail.

@Matt_Noyes @anaulin @ntnsndr @emi @mattcropp @michaelafisher @beckett

@ntnsndr @emi @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @anaulin @michaelafisher @beckett

The first two would be OK, the 3rd is confusing (and might even result in legal bother from Stellantis; it even sounds like the name of a small motor van 😁 )

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