After reading Anarchist Cybernetics by Thomas Swann in our @karrot book club, he pointed us to the Anarchic Agreements 1&2 that he had worked on (see which had been used in some form in the creation of one of the groups that use Karrot (foodsharing Copenhagen). Nice circle!

Also, I wondered if @ntnsndr has connected with Cybernetics (anarchist or otherwise) at all?

There is some network/flow between co-ops, commons, anarchism, community organising, cybernetics, ... with some academic connection, some grassroots stuff...


@nicksellen I'd love to explore more. Was just encountering some in Rodrigo Nunes' "Neither vertical nor horizontal"

@ntnsndr ah looks interesting ( - I am really feeling that having a decent theory of community/social/political organising is really useful.. + recipes, tools, and communities for implementing such theories.

Most tools/practises around me are not deeply routed in such theories.

Although I then wonder whether extracting theory from practise, then trying to reimplement practise elsewhere loses something. Practise -> practise transfer could be nice.


@nicksellen agreed. And theory can have its own self-sufficient beauty. But too often we forget Marx's reminder that "the point is to change it," it being the world.

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