Awesome introduction to @agreementengine, one of the crazy experiments we're doing at @metagov_project:

@ntnsndr ah interesting, we (karrot) are just coming to the end of a design process for managing agreements democratically 😀

Our context is small-ish mostly-in-person groups managing agreements like this (but also how to evolve from no agreements into that, as needed).

Our prototype for the feature is

Algorithmic/automatic/tech enforcement could be interesting, but prob only as a within the context of human processes, in our context.

@nicksellen wow, this is really cool. I love how simple the process is, but also how complete. I think for local and in-person groups, no online enforcement mechanisms are necessary.

@nicksellen and even diff for agreement changes! How does the system handle vote thresholds for agreement adoption?


@nicksellen are you thinking making this a standalone app? I think it could be amazing for groups of all kinds.

@nicksellen and are you expecting that group structure would be defined here as well? I could also see a valuable pairing between communityrule as a kind of constitution layer and this as a policy layer. I wonder if they could be usefully integrated.

@ntnsndr the idea is we'll implement the features from the prototype inside karrot once we (maybe me) have capacity. I think for these groups, having it as part of the tool they use makes most sense.

someone can steal the ideas for a standalone tool :)

we discussed group structure (and values) features too during the process, but decided to focus on agreements to keep it focused on what we felt was most important/useful.

@ntnsndr we could in theory use pull in info from the community rule library, that people can use inside karrot.

although maybe just "inspired by", there looks a lot of noise in at the moment, and we also need to handle translations.

... or the other way is let the groups share stuff between them, rather than us setting up templates/frameworks. I'd like to explore that direction, what do I know anyway!

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