Ooh, super excited to see action happening with @sandstormIO! An amazing project. Maybe I'll re-up my subscription (especially if they adopt a co-op model).

@ntnsndr I know an ex-Sandstormer and was really excited about it back in the day.

If they can get the apps in the app market updated (many I spot checked were last updated in 2016/2017) I might take another whirl with it.

@Greg @ntnsndr do check out - it is very actively developed and they keep all their apps up to date :) I love it! Use my referral code to get a free month 5adcafc820c53c3d

@jdaviescoates @Greg Yeah, I use Cloudron to run the intranet for my lab & force students to use FLOSS. It's great, and a great team. But what I loved about SS was the modularization and integration of the apps. Fortunately, NextCloud is getting toward that by other means.

@ntnsndr @Greg yeah, there were/ are some seriously good/ cool features of Sandstorm - may this revival of development activity long continue! :)

@ntnsndr ooh, interesting. I've been playing with recently and really loving it. But it was actually thanks to Sandstorm closing that I ended up trying it out. First I set-up my own Sandstorm (madly easy!) to not loose what I had on Oasis. Then I wanted something more feature-full than Etherpad so I figured I'd try Cloudron (also madly easy to get set-up) and now I'm in love 😊

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