Have any experience with or feedback on a Linux-first laptop? Eg, Star Labs, Slimbook, Pinebook, System76? There's a dearth of useful reviews.

@ntnsndr fwiw I use a Zareason laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed. No complaints, not a top of the line but works fine.

@ntnsndr I previously owned a ZaReason and I loved it. The physical structure, its ability to withstand generally rough and constant use (including drops) than other (non-L1) laptops I've used over the years.

Once I can afford to get a new one (to replace this used ASUS i bought from FreeGeek PDX once I got 5 years out of the ZaReason) I will get a new one.

I've never heard of those first three you mention and they never turned up in my searches.

@ntnsndr I’ve had an Entroware (UK alternative to System76, both made by Clevo) for about a year and a half now. Performance is good, battery life not so great, and found that bezel chafed again bottom chassis when lid is closed. Best part is that I’ve has no hardware driver issues at all. AMA.

@ntnsndr We got System76 laptops. Mostly good except the keyboards. We have complained, they say they are replacing those keyboards in newer models (I got a Lemur in 2017). So if you are thinking of getting one, ask about the keyboard.

On the plus side, when I complained, they immediately sent me a new keyboard with instructions for how to install it. On the minus side, the new keyboard had the same problems (some keys that intermittently failed to produce characters).

@ntnsndr Can't speak to the quality of any of them, but very pleaesd to see this from System76

Step by step instructions on how to replace parts in each one, that's good. Plenty of stuff seems user replaceable (not screens though it looks like).

Another important thing to check though is how readily available spare parts are.

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